Hunts Index

Hunt numbers change as you add more in to the Clan Primer and may not align when you first obtain the Hunt.

Ancient Man of Mystery / Gilgamesh
Hunt 40: Battle on the Bridge

Bill for Gilgamesh and Hunt 40 - Battle on the Bridge

Hunt 38: Antlion Infestation

Bill for Antlion and Hunt 38 - Antlion Infestation

Hunt 17: Trouble in the Hills

Bill for Atomos and Hunt 17 - Trouble in the Hills

Behemoth King
Hunt 42: Truth Shrouded in Mist

Bill for Behemoth King and Hunt 42 - Truth Shrouded in Mist

Belito / Ba'Gamnan
Hunt 41: Dark Rumor

Bill for Belito and BaGamnan and Hunt 41 - Dark Rumor

Hunt 16: The Deserter’s Revenge

Bill for Bloodwing and Hunt 16 - The Deserters Revenge

Hunt 19: Rodeo to the Death

Bill for Braegh and Hunt 19 - Rodeo to the Death

Hunt 39: Carrot Stalk

Bill for Carrot and Hunt 39 - Carrot Stalk

Hunt 30: Paying for the Past

Bill for Catoblepas and Hunt 30 - Paying for the Past

Hunt 33: Little Love on the Big Plains

Bill for Cluckatrice and Hunt 33 - Little Love on the Big Plains

Hunt 11: A Ring in the Rain

Bill for Croakadile and Hunt 11 - A Ring in the Rain

Hunt 20: Shelled Obstruction

Bill for Darksteel and Hunt 20 - Shelled Obstruction

Hunt 26: Visitor on Deck

Bill for Deathgaze and Hunt 26 - Visitor on Deck

Hunt 25: Dead City Watch

Bill for Deathscythe and Hunt 25 - Dead City Watch

Hunt 27: The Child Snatcher

Bill for Diabolos and Hunt 27 - The Child Snatcher

Hunt 10: The Defense of Ozmone Plain

Bill for Enkelados and Hunt 10 - The Defense of Ozmone Plain

Hunt 31: Wyrm Wrath’s Renewal

Bill for Fafnir and Hunt 31 - Wyrm Wraths Renewal

Feral Retriever
Hunt 13: Befoulment of the Beast

Bill for Feral Retriever and Hunt 13 - Befoulment of the Beast

Flowering Cactoid
Hunt 03: Dalmasca’s Desert Bloom

Bill for the Flowering Cactoid and Hunt 03 - Dalmascas Desert Bloom

Gil Snapper
Gil SnapperHunt 36: Paradise Risen

Bill for Gil Snapper and Hunt 36 - Paradise Risen

Hunt 24: The Creature Collector

Bill for Goliath and Hunt 24 - The Creature Collector

Hunt 43: Fishy Dreams

Bill for Ixion and Hunt 43 - Fishy Dreams

Hunt 12: The Dead Ought Sleep Forever

Bill for Ixtab and Hunt 12 - The Dead Ought Sleep Forever

Hunt 22: Old Legends, Decaying Bonds

Bill for Lindwyrm and Hunt 22 - Old Legends Decaying Bonds

Hunt 09: A Tingling Toast

Bill for Marilith and Hunt 09 - A Tingling Toast

Hunt 15: The Mine Flayer

Bill for Mindflayer and Hunt 15 - The Mine Flayer

Hunt 05: Marauder in the Mines

Bill for Nidhogg and Hunt 05 - Marauder in the Mines

Hunt 35: Crime and Punishment

Bill for Orthros and Hunt 35 - Crime and Punishment

Hunt 23: The Things We Do...

Bill for Overlord and Hunt 23 - The Things We Do

Hunt 28: The Black Sorcerer

Bill for Piscodaemon and Hunt 28 - The Black Sorcerer

Hunt 32: Who’s the Strongest?!

Bill for Pylraster and Hunt 32 - Whos the Strongest

Ring Wyrm
Hunt 07: For Whom the Wyrm Tolls

Bill for Ring Wyrm and Hunt 07 - For Whom the Wyrm Tolls

Hunt 18: Adding Insult to Injury

Bill for Roblon and Hunt 18 - Adding insult to Injury

Hunt 34: The Cry of Its Power

Bill for Rocktoise and Hunt 34 - The Cry of Its Power

Rogue Tomato
Hunt 01: Red and Rotten in the Desert

Bill for Rogue Tomato and Hunt 01 Red and Rotten in the Desert

Hunt 44: God or Devil?

Bill for Shadowseer and Hunt 44 - God or Devil

Hunt 02: Wolf in the Waste

Bill for Thextera and Hunt 02 - Wolf in the Waste

Hunt 37: Paramina Run

Bill for Trickster and Hunt 37 - Paramina Run

Vorpal Bunny
Hunt 14: A Chase Through the Woods

Bill for Vorpal Bunny and Hunt 14 - A Chase Through the Woods

Hunt 21: Get My Stuff Back!

Bill for Vyraal and Hunt 12 - Get My Stuff Back

White Mousse
Hunt 06: Lost in the Pudding

Bill for White Mousse and Hunt 06 - Lost in the Pudding

Wild Malboro
Hunt 29: A Wild Stench

Bill for Wild Malboros and Hunt 29 - A Wild Stench

Hunt 04: Waterway Haunting

Bill for the Wraith and Hunt 04 - Waterway Haunting

Wyvern Lord
Hunt 08: A Scream from the Sky

Bill for Wyvern Lord and Hunt 08 - A Scream from the Sky

Hunt 45: Farewell to a Legend

Bill for Yiazmat and Hunt 45 - Farewell to a Legend