Hunt 09: A Tingling Toast
Marilith - Rank V

The Hunt to defeat Marilith becomes available immediately after you complete Hunt 08: A Scream from the Sky – Wyvern Lord (Rank II). Marilith is significantly harder to defeat though. It becomes quite a bit easier later on in the game and is best attempted after the events have taken place at the Stilshrine of Miriam and after Judge Bergan has been defeated at Mt Bur-Omisace.


The Tavernmaster in the Sandsea. He is standing behind the counter.

Speaking to the Tavernmaster, the petitioner for Hunt 09 A Tingling Toast for Marilith
Map indicating where to find the Tavernmaster

Mark Location

You can find Marilith in the Zertinan Caverns in an area called the Invitation to Heresy. You may or may not have had to venture into the Zertinan Caverns at this stage in the game, but thankfully it is very easy to find the part of the caverns where Marilith Spawns.

Travel out into the Dalmasca Westersand from Rabanastre. Go through the Galtea Downs, south when you reach The Midfault into the Simmering Horizons and look for the cave in the southwest corner of the zone. This leads directly into the section of the cavern that you need.

Marilith will appear after you have stayed in the area for 5 minutes or longer and will appear in the areas lit up with sunlight.

Entrance to the Zertinan Caverns
Hunt Battle: Marilith
Battle against Marilith with her using Gnaw attack

Level: 38
HP: 54,921
Steal: Fire Stone, Prime Tanned Hide, Fire Crystal

The difficult aspect of the fight against Marilith is the amount of damage that it can do to your party members. Make sure that you have a tank setup with Decoy active on that character at all times. You should also have either the Bubble spell or a Bubble Belt equipped to increase their overall HP.

Have one of your party members setup to keep Blind active on Marilith for the duration of the fight in order to reduce the amount of damage done. Try to keep all of your party members under the Haste status effect as well in order to counteract Marilith’s Slow spell. You also need to use Dispel on Marilith right off the bat in order to remove its Protect, Shell and Haste status effects.

Marilith will start executing combos a lot more often as its HP gets low, so be prepared to do a fair bit of healing towards the end of the fight. Use Quickenings and Espers if you need to get in more damage.

Other tactics that you can use involve equipping your main tank with a Main Gauche and with Gauntlets to reduce the amount of damage that they take. Use Shielded Armor to ensure that Protect stays up the whole time.

Battle against Marilith, the mark for Hunt 09 A Tingling Toast

Return to the Tavernmaster in Rabanastre once completed. The rewards for completing this Hunt include 2,200 gil, a Serpent Eye and 3 Teleport Stones.

This Hunt is normally completed during the intermission period in the Rabanastre following the events at the Stilshrine of Miriam. Click on the link to return to that section of the strategy guide.