Walkthrough: Section 4

Note that the sections of this walkthrough are broken up into the various chapters and overviews given by Marquis Halim Ondore IV.

These walkthrough sections are full of spoilers. Do not read ahead if this is your first time playing through the game.

Balfonheim Port
The first time the team travel’s to Reddas’ Manse. This is a great opportunity to complete a number of side quests and Hunts that are available.

Balfonheim Port Title Screen

The Feywood
Traveling south from the Golmore Jungle into the Feywood and using the Feywood Glyphs to navigate through to the Gigas Gate and gain entrance into Giruvegan.

Feywood Title Screen

The Ancient City of Giruvegan
Delving down through the various levels of Giruvegan and defeating Tyrant to gain entrance into the Great Crystal.

Ancient City of Giruvegan Title Screen

The Great Crystal
Navigating through the Great Crystal to reach the Crystal Core, defeat Shemhazai and obtain the Treaty-Blade after meeting the Occurians.

Great Crystal Title Screen

Balfonheim Port
Obtaining some of the optional Espers and traveling back to Rabanastre to complete some more of the available Hunts.

Balfonheim Port Title Screen

The Ridorana Cataract
Using the Strahl to fly to the Ridorana Cataract to reach the Pharos.

Ridorana Cataract Title Screen

The Pharos at Ridorana
The battle against Hydro at the entrance to the Pharos.

Pharos at Ridorana Title Screen

The Pharos: First Ascent
Using the Black Orbs to gain access to the Blackrock Vault, defeat the Pandaemonium, climbing the Wellspring Ravel through the three flights and defeating Slyt to reach the Second Ascent.

Pharos First Ascent Title Screen

The Pharos: Second Ascent
Giving up one of your abilities to climb the Station of Banishment and battle Fenrir to reach the Third Ascent.

Pharos Second Ascent Title Screen

The Pharos: Third Ascent
Climbing up the Spire Ravel, battling Hashmal the Esper before confronting Judge Master Gabranth and Doctor Cid in the room that contains the Sun-Cryst.

Pharos Third Ascent Title Screen

Balfonheim Port
Gaining access to fly to the Sky Fortress Bahamut using the Strahl and deciding whether to complete the game or the end game side quests.

Balfonheim Port Title Screen

End Game Side Quests and Preparations
Completing all of the end game side quests and the hardest Hunts available at the end of the game before moving on to the Sky Fortress Bahamut.

Yiazmat Cinematic

Sky Fortress Bahamut
Completing the final battle against Lord Vayne Solidor aboard the Sky Fortress Bahamut at the end of the game.

Sky Fortress Bahamut Title Screen