The Pharos - Second Ascent
Reach of Diamond Law

The Reach

We are not quite done climbing the Pharos just yet. Head to the northwest section of The Reach to find a Save Crystal where you can save your progress.

The entrance to the Pharos Second Ascend - the Reach

Traveling through the next few levels of the Pharos in the Second Ascent involve exploring without one of your primary commands. You will notice that there are four Altars located around The Reach. Examining an Altar and choosing to “Touch the Altar” will seal one of your abilities according to the following:

  • Altar of Knowledge (Pink) will remove access to your mini-map
  • Altar of Magicks (Purple) will remove the ability to cast Magick spells
  • Altar of Steel (White) will remove the ability to use the Attack command
  • Altar of Wealth (Yellow) will remove the ability to use items

You might be able to get away without using the Attack command by focusing on Magick spells and Technicks; you might be able to get around using items by focusing on Magick spells; but the easiest ability to do without is the ability to access your mini-map.

The mini-map will no longer appear in the top-right corner of the screen, but you can still use the SelectButton to bring up the main map to see where you are as a sort of work-around.

Walk over to the Altar of Knowledge, which is located in the southeast corner of The Reach. Choose to “touch the Altar” to activate it and then proceed through the doorway that opens up behind your team leading up to the next level.

Touching the Altar of Knowledge to gain access to the upper levels of the Second Ascent
Activating the Altar of Knowledge cinematic

Station of Banishment

You will start off in one of the corners of the Station of Banishment and the corner will depend on which Altar you chose in The Reach. Regardless of where you start, there are two stairways that you can use to reach the next level up: there is one in the northeast corner and one in the southwest. This will take you from 61F to 62F.

Entering the Station of Banishment in the Pharos

There are three treasure chests that you may wish to obtain while in this area. One contains an Opal Ring, one contains a pair of Quasimodo Boots and one contains a Minerva Bustier.

Station of Suffering

Again, you will start off in either northeast corner or the southwest corner of the Station of Suffering, with the goal being to reach the southeast corner which contains the stairs leading from 62F to 63F.

However, before making your way to the next floor, travel to the northwest corner of this floor to find the green Urn which contains the map of the Pharos: Second Ascent. There is also a Fool’s Façade door in the southwest corner of the map.

Opening the Urn to obtain the map of the Pharos - Second Ascent

There is a treasure chest in the southwest area which contains a Zeus Mace and one in the north which contains a Tula.

Station of Ascension

You will start off in the southeast corner. The only things to find on this floor are two Fool’s Façade doors which can be found in the northeast and southwest corners of 63F. Travel to the northwest corner to find the stairs leading to the next level.

There are three optional treasure chests which you can pick up though. One contains the Gil Toss Technick, if you do not have it already, one contains a Sash and the last contains a set of Dragon Mail armor.

Reach of the Damned

The Reach of the Damned is 64F. There is a Save Crystal just outside of the room that you arrive in out on the circular pathway.

Save Crystal in the Reach of the Damned - Pharos - Second Ascent

Save your game before proceeding and then take the stairs in the southwest corner up to the next level.

The Bounds of Truth

This floor is similar to the Horizon’s Cusp floor in the First Ascent where you fought Slyt and there will be another boss battle for you on this floor.

Entering the Bounds of Truth at the top of the Pharos - Second Ascent

Travel around the pathway and open the Ancient Door into the next room but make sure you grab the treasure chests just outside of the door. One of them contains a Muramasa.

Opening the door into the Cleft of Profaning Wind and grabbing the Muramasa

Cleft of Profaning Wind

Walk forward to initiate another boss battle.

Boss Battle: Fenrir
Fenrir approaching the team

Level: 49
HP: 189,992
Steal: Beastlord Hide (55%), Beastlord Horn (10%), Behemoth Steak (3%)

This fight can differ depending on which Altar you choose to touch and which command you no longer have access to. Assuming you chose the Alter of Knowledge though, this battle will be fairly straightforward.

The only thing to note about Fenrir is that his attacks do some heavy physical damage and he can intermittently cast Blind and Silence. Equip your party members with either an Argyle Armlet or Rose Corsage to prevent this, except for your tank who should equip a Bubble Belt.

Battle against Fenrir

Be sure to keep Protect, Bubble and Shell on all of your party members. Fenrir does not have many Magick-based attacks, but Shell can reduce the chances of Blind or Silence taking effect. You should also set up a Dispel Gambit to remove the Bravery status effect from Fenrir which will greatly reduce the amount of damage he does.

Fenrir battle from a distance - Ashe’s View

A video of the battle in the Zodiac Age version is included below:

Continue around the Bounds of Truth and find the Altar that you chose earlier (the Altar of Knowledge if you have been following this guide).

Touch the Altar to reactivate the ability you gave up. This will cause an elevator to appear in the center of the whirlwinds in the center of the room. Activate the elevator (Dias of Ascendance) up to 67F – the floor above.

Selecting the option to go to 67F on the Dias of Ascendance

Reach of the Occult

Save your game at the Save Crystal and touch the Way Stone to warp to the next level of the Ascent.

Map of the Pharos - Second Ascent

(Click on the map to enlarge)