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This website has gone through a number of iterations. It started off as the side project of a 15 year-old and it initially looked like this:

Screenshot of the Geocities website, Dynamasty, Divine Dragons Castle

Courtesy of the WayBack Machine circa April 2001. The pixelated landing page image really added a nice touch!

The title of the site (Dynamasty) was made up and it was the first thing to go. The site was renamed The focus turned towards new up-and-coming video game systems which, at the time, were the Nintendo GameCube and the XBox. The content of the site included news, articles written by a small team of close friends, cheat codes for a wide number of games, reviews, as well as a few strategy guides and tips sections. The picture doesn’t do the site much justice, but to be fair, it wasn’t much to look at:

Screenshot of the website

Finally, we move on to the final name of the site, This last version of the site came in a few different iterations starting with this one:

Screenshot of the early versions of

There isn’t a deep story behind the word Jegged. I was 12 years old and I decide that Jegged would have to do because was already taken.

I re-hosted and revamped to host some of my previously written content - primarily the tips, tricks, cheat code and strategy guides sections. There were thousands if not millions of websites out there dealing with gaming reviews, news, etc. but the areas of the site that viewers seemed most interested in were the strategy guides that had been written for old games. It went through one final version (shown below) before the current layout was adopted.

Screenshot of the later versions of

The current version utilizes responsive web design principles which allows the site to be viewed properly on mobile and tablet devices. This final design is simple and easy - no large leading images being showcased on the front page. This design will allow me to get back to the most important piece of the site: the content and generating more of it.

For any site suggestions or questions check out the contact page. You can also contact me via Twitter: