One of the most significant changes to the Zodiac Version of the game, and the International Zodiac Job System off of which it was based, is the addition of different jobs that can be selected for each of your characters.

Rather than using the same standard License Board that each character had access to in the original PlayStation 2 version of the game, each character can select a first job and a second job which will allow them to access entirely different License Boards. This means that you can specialize your characters a lot more than in the original version of the game. This customization also allows you to make your party much stronger than what would have been possible in the original version.

You cannot change a character’s job after it has been selected.

Naming Conventions

The naming conventions for the jobs in the Zodiac Age are somewhat odd as you will see different names and classes used for translations of the International Zodiac Job System (IZJS) version jobs across the internet. So you may be asking yourself, what is an Uhlan? What is a Bushi? Wasn’t there supposed to be a Hunter class? Use the following chart to help you identify the different jobs:

The Zodiac Age Job Other Translations and Names
Black Mage
Bushi Samurai
Foebreaker Breaker
Knight Paladin
Machinist Gunner or Gun Mage
Red Battlemage
Shikari Hunter
Time Battlemage
Uhlan Spearman or Dragoon
White Mage Cleric or Priest

Secondary Jobs

The Zodiac Age version of the game for PlayStation 4 also added a new feature to the game: the ability to add a second job. Once you reach the Tomb of the King Raithwall and defeat Belias, the Esper, each of your characters will have access to a License that will allow you to activate another job. This second job will automatically have all of the Licenses that you have already activated on the first job board pre-activated. You cannot activate the same License Twice, I.E. if +290 HP is activated on one License Board it will already be activated on the second; you cannot reactivate it and get another +290 HP.

Both License Boards stay active at all times and you can switch between the two boards by pressing the SquareButton.

The ability to add abilities and activate Licenses from a second License Board allows you to round out each of your characters, either addressing key gaps in their skill sets or adding additional abilities that compliment the first job. Click on the “Strategies for Picking Jobs” section for more information below.