Information about each of the characters including their highest stats and which classes they are most effective at playing.


Like most Final Fantasy games, the lead character of Final Fantasy XII has the best stats in the game. He has the highest Strength in the game (although Basch has similar Strength), the highest Vitality and each of the other stats (Magick Power, Speed, HP and MP) are also quite high. As such, you can utilize Vaan in nearly every capacity within your party. He functions well as a tank, damage dealer or as a mage/healer class.

Vaan during the final cinematic at the end of the game

IZJS/Zodiac Age: His stats are also quite high in the Japanese remake of the game making him still one of the best characters to have in your party no matter what job he takes. This likely will not change once the Zodiac Age is released.

Vaan at the Ogir-Yensa Sandsea cinematic


The second character that you encounter in the game, essentially Vaan’s little sister for all intents and purposes. Her stats heavily favor the use of Magick abilities. Her Magick Power is similar to Ashe’s in that it is the highest in the game. Her HP and Strength are low but her Speed and Vitality are not bad.

Penelo during the opening cinematic

IZJS/Zodiac Age: There are no changes to Penelo’s stats in the Japanese remake of the game and her stats are expected to be similar in the Zodiac Age.

Penelo during the ending cinematic talking about Rabanastre and Ashe


The “lead man” has the highest Speed stat in the game. His Strength and HP are fairly good but not the strongest in the game and his MP and Magick Power are fairly weak. It should be noted that, although Balthier starts the game off equipped with a gun, you should immediately forgo using and equip something else as his Speed with a gun is lackluster at best. Consider some type of close range weapon if you plan on continuing to use him.

Balthier and Fran in the Royal Palace

IZJS/Zodiac Age: There are no changes between the original and Japanese remake of the game and Balthier’s stats will likely be similar in the Zodiac Age re-release.

Balthier leading the team to the Strahl


Unfortunately, the coolest looking and most unique character in the party, Fran, has some of the worst stats in the game. None of her stats are stronger than other party members. She has very low Magick Power and Vitality and her MP is average (with other party members having much higher). It is recommended that you do not use her in your party during a playthrough of the original PlayStation 2 version of the game.

Fran flying the airship away from the Shiva

IZJS/Zodiac Age: Fran’s stats were improved immensely in the Japanese remake of the game. All of her stats have been improved and she has the highest Vitality of all the party members. It is likely that these revamped stats will be carried over into the IZJS version making Fran a reasonable selection for your main party once again.

Fran opening the pathway to Eruyt Village


It is fairly easy to tell after you see Basch suit up in the Barheim Passage that he will most likely be the strongest of the party members and his stats certainly reflect this. He has the highest HP and Strength (tied with Vaan) of all of the party members. His other stats are mediocre at best, but his high Strength make him an excellent damage dealer or tank if you are considering adding him to your party. His Magick Power is quite low so setting him up as a healer or mage would be unwise.

Balthier breaking free in Barheim Passage

IZJS/Zodiac Age: Basch’s stats are the same in the Japanese remake of the game and are likely to be the same in the Zodiac Age re-release of the game.

Basch speaking to Vossler


Ashe is another interesting character in terms of stats. She has low HP and low Vitality, so she should not be up close during battle. She does have high Magick Power and MP stats though, which make her excellent either as a White Mage, Black Mage, Red Mage, in other words, as a Magick-dealing class. She can also function quite well as a ranged damage dealer. Her MP growth is the highest in the game.

Princess Ashe during the ending cinematic

IZJS/Zodiac Age: Ashe’s Strength is also significantly increased in the Japanese remake of the game. Her Strength matches that of both Vaan and Basch, which makes her an all around great character to choose. Her stats are likely to be similar in the Zodiac Age re-release of the game.

Ashe speaking to the gods I guess