Tips and Tricks Index

A list of Tips and Tricks pages that are useful for understanding some of the game mechanics and improving your skills if you are having trouble during a regular playthrough.

General Playthrough Tips
How to set up Gambits, how to set up your party and some tips for battling and using the License Board.

Opening Start Screen of Final Fantasy XII - Zodiac Age

Party Setup
Using a tank, healer and damage dealer setup as an efficient method to take on the more difficult battles in the game.

Battle against the Behemoth King

Grinding and Power Leveling
A list of areas in the game where you can effectively power level characters and chain together enemies to earn loot/gil quickly.

Grinding against the Skeletons in the Lhusu Mines

Dustia Level Grinding
Taking advantage of the spawn mechanics of Dustia and defeating it repeatedly to earn EXP and loot quickly.

Battle against Dustia in the Dalmasca Westersand

Game Versions
A list of the available versions of the game.

Opening Cinematic of Final Fantasy XII

Game Speed
A breakdown of the Game Speed setting and how it impacts a play through of the game.

Selecting the Game Speed

License Board
Tips on where to spend your License Points (LP) on the License Board.

Screenshot of the License Board

Information about Loot, what it is used for and how to improve the odds of getting better loot drops from enemies throughout Ivalice.

Selling Loot to one of the shops in Ivalice

Rain in the Giza Plains
The changes between the dry and wet seasons of the Giza Plains and to switch between them.

Approaching the Giza Plains during the Rainy Season

Nihopalaoa Accessory
Using the Nihopalaoa Accessory and a Remedy to make many of the boss battles throughout Final Fantasy XII almost trivial.

Battle Against the Lindwyrm after status affects are applied

How to Obtain a Diamond Armlet
Where to find a Diamond Armlet which can be used to increase the value of loot obtained from Treasure Chests.

Obtianing a Diamond Armlet in the PlayStation 2 version

How to Obtain a Ribbon
Where to find the Ribbon accessory, one of the most powerful accessories in the game which prevents all negative status effects from hitting the equipped character.

Obtaining a Ribbon in the Cerobi Steppe

Hi-Ether Farming
Traveling through the Feywood to pick up Hi-Ethers.

Picking Up a Hi-Ether in the Feywood

Seitengrat Bow
How to obtain the most powerful weapon in the game using the RNG Manipulation technique.

You obtain a Seitengrat from treasure chest