Nihopalaoa Accessory Tactic

Final Fantasy XII introduces a new accessory with an interesting effect. The Nihopalaoa description states: “Reverses effects of restorative items such as potions. (Potion, Eye Drops, Remedy, Phoenix Down, etc. Affects both allies and enemies.”

This would normally seem like something you would want to avoid, but when a character equipped with a Nihopalaoa accessory uses a Remedy on an enemy character, it has the affect of hitting that enemy with all of the status effects that it would normally cure.

For example, if a boss is susceptible to the Silence negative status effect and a character with Nihopalaoa equipped uses a Remedy on that boss, the Remedy will Silence them (along with causing any other negative status effects that the boss may be susceptible to).

This means that any character using this strategy should go out of their way to unlock Remedy Lore 1, Remedy Lore 2 and Remedy Lore 3 Licenses on the License Board. This will cause a Remedy used by that player (equipped with a Nihopalaoa accessory) to inflict:

  • Poison
  • Slow
  • Blind
  • Silence
  • Sleep (Remedy Lore 1)
  • Sap (Remedy Lore 1)
  • Immobilize (Remedy Lore 1)
  • Disable (Remedy Lore 1)
  • Petrify (Remedy Lore 2)
  • Confuse (Remedy Lore 2)
  • Oil (Remedy Lore 2)
  • Stop (Remedy Lore 3)
  • Doom (Remedy Lore 3)
  • Disease (Remedy Lore 3)

Additionally, these negative status effects will never miss the boss. If the boss is susceptible to more than one of these negative status effects, it will be hit will all of them at the same time when Nihopalaoa and a Remedy are used.

This tactic can cause some of the more difficult battles in the game to become almost trivial. Most of the highest level bosses are not susceptible to many negative status effects, so its use becomes limited later on in the game, but early on in the game, having a character earn the Licenses for Nihopalaoa and the three Remedy Lore Licenses can make them devastating early on.