Learning how to utilize the Gambit system in Final Fantasy XII is absolutely critical to a successful (and painless) playthrough of the game. More Gambits become available to use throughout a play through of the game – a full list is included below – which allow you to customize and configure the actions of your party members.

Gambits for Balthier during tutorial
Ally and Foe Gambits during the tutorial from Balthier

Some of the most important Gambits include the following:

Libra Gambit

You should set up a Libra Gambit as soon as you have access to the Libra Technick. A Gambit can be used to ensure that Libra is always active on a least one party member. The Technick itself is useful for two reasons:

1) It provides a notification on the screen indicating key information about an enemy.
2) It identifies invisible traps in certain areas of the game.

Enemy Target Gambits

You will gain access to a number of Gambits for targeting Foes. These include:

- Foe: party leader’s target
- Foe: nearest visible
- Foe: any
- Etc.

Most players can get through a play through of the game using one or two of the most common Foe Gambits (Foe: Any or Foe: Nearest Visible), but it is important to switch between these when the situation calls for. Generally speaking, the best Gambit to use, when it becomes available is Foe: lowest HP and Foe: party leader’s target before that. This ensures that all of your party members are focused on bringing down one target at a time and as quickly as possible.

Flying Targets

Flying enemies can be particularly troublesome if you don’t have a character regularly equipped with a ranged weapon or have a character focused on using Magick attacks. Setup each of your characters with the Foe: flying and an ability that will effectively take down flying enemies. Specifically, you can use the Telekinesis Technick later on in the game to have melee characters use regular attacks on flying enemies.

Status Adding/Removing Gambits

Use the Ally: status = ______ to target party members with a specific status and use the proper item to remove that status (Alarm Clock to remove Sleep, Chronos Tear to remove stop and slow, etc.)

You can switch this Gambit to Esuna later on in the game, but be cautious about doing this. It can be extremely costly in using up MP and may be troublesome if it requires multiple casts to constantly remove status effects.

They can also be used to keep a negative status effect on an enemy, such as Blind, or a positive status effect on a party member, such as Protect.

Ally any Cure and Regen Gambits
Esuna Gambit

Gambit List

Ally: any
Ally: Ashe
Ally: Balthier
Ally: Basch
Ally: Fran
Ally: HP < 10%
Ally: HP < 100%
Ally: HP < 20%
Ally: HP < 30%
Ally: HP < 40%
Ally: HP < 50%
Ally: HP < 60%
Ally: HP < 70%
Ally: HP < 80%
Ally: HP < 90%
Ally: item AMT ≧ 10
Ally: lowest defense
Ally: lowest HP
Ally: lowest magick resist
Ally: MP < 10%
Ally: MP < 100%
Ally: MP < 20%
Ally: MP < 30%
Ally: MP < 40%
Ally: MP < 50%
Ally: MP < 60%
Ally: MP < 70%
Ally: MP < 80%
Ally: MP < 90%
Ally: party leader
Ally: Penelo
Ally: status = Berserk
Ally: status = Blind
Ally: status = Bravery
Ally: status = Bubble
Ally: status = Confuse
Ally: status = Disable
Ally: status = Disease
Ally: status = Doom
Ally: status = Faith
Ally: status = Float
Ally: status = Haste
Ally: status = HP Critical
Ally: status = Immobilize
Ally: status = Invisible
Ally: status = KO
Ally: status = Lure
Ally: status = Oil
Ally: status = Petrify
Ally: status = Poison
Ally: status = Protect
Ally: status = Reflect
Ally: status = Regen
Ally: status = Reverse
Ally: status = Sap
Ally: status = Shell
Ally: status = Silence
Ally: status = Sleep
Ally: status = Slow
Ally: status = Stone
Ally: status = Stop
Ally: strongest weapon
Ally: Vaan
Foe: any
Foe: character HP < 10%
Foe: character HP < 30%
Foe: character HP < 50%
Foe: character HP < 70%
Foe: character HP < 90%
Foe: character HP = 100%
Foe: character HP ≧ 10%
Foe: character HP ≧ 30%
Foe: character HP ≧ 50%
Foe: character HP ≧ 70%
Foe: character HP ≧ 90%
Foe: character MP < 10%
Foe: character MP < 30%
Foe: character MP < 50%
Foe: character MP < 70%
Foe: character MP < 90%
Foe: character MP ≧ 10%
Foe: character MP ≧ 30%
Foe: character MP ≧ 50%
Foe: character MP ≧ 70%
Foe: character MP ≧ 90%
Foe: character status = Blind
Foe: character status = Bravery
Foe: character status = Faith
Foe: character status = HP Critical
Foe: character status = Silence
Foe: dark-vulnerable
Foe: dark-weak
Foe: earth-vulnerable
Foe: earth-weak
Foe: fire-vulnerable
Foe: fire-weak
Foe: flying
Foe: furthest
Foe: highest defense
Foe: highest HP
Foe: highest level
Foe: highest magick power
Foe: highest magick resist
Foe: highest max HP
Foe: highest max MP
Foe: highest MP
Foe: highest speed
Foe: highest strength
Foe: holy-vulnerable
Foe: holy-weak
Foe: HP < 1,000
Foe: HP < 10,000
Foe: HP < 100,000
Foe: HP < 2,000
Foe: HP < 3,000
Foe: HP < 5,000
Foe: HP < 50,000
Foe: HP < 500
Foe: HP = 100%
Foe: HP ≧ 1,000
Foe: HP ≧ 10,000
Foe: HP ≧ 100,000
Foe: HP ≧ 2,000
Foe: HP ≧ 3,000
Foe: HP ≧ 30%
Foe: HP ≧ 5,000
Foe: HP ≧ 50,000
Foe: HP ≧ 50%
Foe: HP ≧ 500
Foe: HP ≧ 70%
Foe: ice-vulnerable
Foe: ice-weak
Foe: item AMT ≧ 10
Foe: lightning-vulnerable
Foe: lightning-weak
Foe: lowest HP
Foe: lowest level
Foe: lowest magick power
Foe: lowest max HP
Foe: lowest max MP
Foe: lowest MP
Foe: lowest speed
Foe: lowest strength
Foe: nearest
Foe: nearest visible
Foe: party leader’s target
Foe: status = Berserk
Foe: status = Blind
Foe: status = Bravery
Foe: status = Confuse
Foe: status = Disable
Foe: status = Disease
Foe: status = Doom
Foe: status = Faith
Foe: status = Haste
Foe: status = HP Critical
Foe: status = Immobilize
Foe: status = Oil
Foe: status = Petrify
Foe: status = Poison
Foe: status = Protect
Foe: status = Reflect
Foe: status = Regen
Foe: status = Reverse
Foe: status = Sap
Foe: status = Shell
Foe: status = Silence
Foe: status = Sleep
Foe: status = Slow
Foe: status = Stop
Foe: targeting ally
Foe: targeting leader
Foe: targeting self
Foe: undead
Foe: water-vulnerable
Foe: water-weak
Foe: wind-vulnerable
Foe: wind-weak
Self: HP < 10%
Self: HP < 100%
Self: HP < 20%
Self: HP < 30%
Self: HP < 40%
Self: HP < 50%
Self: HP < 60%
Self: HP < 70%
Self: HP < 80%
Self: HP < 90%
Self: MP < 10%
Self: MP < 100%
Self: MP < 20%
Self: MP < 30%
Self: MP < 40%
Self: MP < 50%
Self: MP < 60%
Self: MP < 70%
Self: MP < 80%
Self: MP < 90%
Self: status = Blind
Self: status = Bravery
Self: status = Bubble
Self: status = Disease
Self: status = Doom
Self: status = Faith
Self: status = Float
Self: status = Haste
Self: status = HP Critical
Self: status = Immobilize
Self: status = Invisible
Self: status = Lure
Self: status = Oil
Self: status = Petrify
Self: status = Poison
Self: status = Protect
Self: status = Reflect
Self: status = Regen
Self: status = Reverse
Self: status = Sap
Self: status = Shell
Self: status = Silence
Self: status = Slow