License Board

Note: These License Board tips only apply to the original PlayStation 2 version of the game.

There are two important notes to keep in mind as you buy Licenses using License Points during a playthrough of the game:

1) In the lower section of the upper half of the board you will find a number of “Augment” abilities. This includes abilities such as adding new Gambit slots, increasing your HP and Licenses like Headsmen, Martyr and Inquisitor which help to restore MP. While it is important to buy Licenses that will allow you to equip new armor and weapons, this Augment section of the board is much more important. Make sure that you pursue this section of the board with all of your characters as soon as possible

2) It is important to plan out and ensure that all of your party members (and even your reserve party members) reach 2 or 3 Quickening slots on the License Board. Check out the License Board section for more information on where to find the Quickening slots and continue reading below for more information on why this can help with a playthrough of the game.

Your primary healer, for example, needs to get to the Quickening spaces as soon as possible to ensure that they have a high amount of MP at all times. Check out the License Board section to locate each of the Quickening spots on the board.