The Ancient City of Giruvegan

The team walking into Giruvegan

Gate of Earth

Head down the pathway until you reach the orange Save Crystal. There is a potential shield that you can obtain back in the Feywood but make sure that you save your game first.

Entrance to the Ancient City of Giruvegan - Gate of Earth - Orange Save Crystal

There is another boss fight coming up in the next zone. Head back to the orange Save Crystal, load up all of your characters with status buffs and proceed west.

Gate of Water

Walk towards the large statue on the far side of the platform to initiate the next boss fight.

Approaching Daedalus cinematic
Boss Battle: Daedalus
Cinematic of Daedalus prior to the battle

Level: 42
HP: 65,644
Steal: Dark Crystal (55%), Forbidden Flesh (10%), Damascus Steel (3%)

As mentioned above, you should enter this battle with all of your status buffs activated. This includes Protect, Haste, Bubble, Bravery and Faith. Make sure one of your characters has the Thief’s Cuffs equipped and try to make every attempt to steal the Damascus Steel. The Thief’s Cuffs increase the odds by 2x.

Battle against Daedalus while he casts Darkra

Daedalus begins the battle with Haste enabled. Have one of your characters use Dispel Magick on it. It will cast Darkga, inflicting Dark-type Magick on all of your party members, as well as Ice Break and Tremor. It will begin to use Tri-Attack and Pulsar Wave as its health begins to lower.

It does a fair bit of damage but does not require any excessive amount of strategy to defeat.

An alternative method of defeating Daedalus is to enable Reflectga on all of your characters and using curative Magicks, such as Curaja, Curaga, etc. Daedalus is an undead-type enemy which will be hit heavily by these spells.

Daedalus cinematic

A video of the battle in the Zodiac Age version is included below:

Daedalus will turn into a statue once the fight is over. Use the Way Stone by “touching the device” which will transport you down into the next section of Giruvegan.

Approaching and using a Way Stone

The Trimahla Water-Steps

There are numerous seals located throughout the next few rooms that need to be dispatched in order to allow you passage through Giruvegan. Use the maps below to help you identify where each of the Gate Stones are.

Head directly south until you reach a portion of the platform with a Gate Switch. The first Gate Stone is the Avrio Gate Stone. Choose to touch the device which will deactivate one of the nearby seals.

Head even further south than that to find the Chthes Gate Stone and choose to touch that Gate Stone as well.

Using the Avrio Gate Stone

Continue down to the southwest corner of the zone to find another two Mythril Golems. As you approach the edge of the platform, a new lit-up platform made up of floating circles will emerge leading to the next zone.

Making the green floating pathway appear

The Aadha Water-Steps

Follow the pathway along to the southwest until you reach another set of Mythril Golems guarding the Paron Gate Stone. Touch the device to open up the seal. There is a Diakon Entite on the platform below.

Vaan using the Paron Gate Stone

While this Entite is not as strong as some of the other Magick elementals you have encountered and can be defeated, it is still quite strong and should not be attacked at the same time as other enemies in the area.

Running past a Daikon Entite

Curve around heading northward towards the next Gate Stone which is the Parelthon Gate Stone. Touch the device and then continue around southward. There will be another seal blocking the pathway up ahead.

Using the Parelthon Gate Stone in the Aadha Water Steps

Continue past it heading southwest until you reach the next Gate Stone at the end of the pathway which is the Tychi Gate Stone. Touch the device and the head to the north past the seal that you had previously seen as it has now been removed.

Approaching the last Gate Stone

Travel northwest as far as you can go and destroy the two Mythril Golems. Approach the edge of the platform and another green, floating platform will appear. Follow the pathway along to the next zone.

Running across the second floating green platform

The Haalmikah Water-Steps

Use the Save Crystal to save your game and pick up the treasure chest that contains the Sleepga Magick spell. That is all that you can do in this room. Proceed to the west into the next area when you are done.

Entering the Haalmikah Water-Steps near the Save Crystal

Gate of Fire

There are no enemies in this area but there are a few treasure chests including one that contains an Amber Armlet.

Search this platform in the center of the room and look northeast. When you reach the right area, another green glowing platform will appear. Use the screenshot and map to help you find it.

The secret passageway at the top of the gate of fire

There is an upcoming boss fight so make sure that your characters are fully prepared and buffed.

Boss Battle: Tyrant
Opening cinematic of the boss battle against Tyrant

Level: 43
HP: 180,248
Steal: N/A

You cannot steal anything from Tyrant because the Technicks command will be deactivated due to a “magic field” that falls over the party.

You should keep your buffs active for the duration of the fight. This includes Protect, Shell, Bubble and Haste. Equip any Ice-based weapons, such as Trident or Icebrand, in order to take advantage of Tyrant’s Ice Magick weakness.

Battle against Tyrant with him using Thundaga

Mirror Mail and Ruby Rings can be used to reflect much of Tyrant’s Magick back at it. You should also then equip the Opal Ring to your healer so that healing spells will still get through to your other party members.

Battle against Tyrant from another angle

A video of the battle in the Zodiac Age version is included below:

Once the battle has concluded, you may want to travel back to the Haalmikah Water Steps to save your game at the Save Crystal. However, if you do, the Gate of Fire zone will be full of enemies the second time you travel through it. You can still run past them but should be prepared to take a bit of damage.

Using the Way Stone to enter the Great Crystal

Use the Way Point to warp to the next area.

Map of Ancient City of Giruvegan

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