End Game Side Quests and Hunts

This page describes some of the end game content that you can complete after you have returned to the Balfonheim Port after completing the last level of the Pharos at Ridorana before you head to the Sky Fortress Bahamut at the end of the game. In addition to the side quests and hunts listed below, you can also fully complete the Bestiary in the Clan Primer and unlock all of the achievements in the Sky Pirate’s Den.

For starters, you should return to the Lhusu Mines and defeat Gilgamesh again if you have not done so to finish off that Hunt:

There are two new priority petitions that can be picked up when you return to Montblanc. These include:

- Priority Petition No. 11 – Ixion (Rank VI)
-Priority Petition No. 12 – The Seer (Rank VI)

Pick up both new Elite Hunts (Hunt 43: Fishy Dreams and Hunt 44: God or Devil?) and then head out to take care of a previous Hunt that you received to defeat Fafnir:


The Wyrmslayer Trophy is obtained by defeating Fafnir as part of Hunt 31: Wyrm Wrath’s Renewal (Fafnir – Rank VII). Click on the link above for more information.

Wyrmslayer Trophy Icon

Return to Montblanc to obtain the next Elite Hunt. This Hunt that you receive, Hunt 42: Truth Shrouded in Mist (Behemoth King – Rank VII), is very difficult and is best saved until after you have completed some of the other Hunts and side quests listed below (this Hunt is listed again down below to be completed after defeating Ixion and Shadowseer).

There is another optional Esper that you should obtain back in the Great Crystal:

While you are at the Great Crystal, you may want to obtain some of the treasures in the Great Crystal including the Zodiac Escutcheon, Glimmering Robes and the Excalibur.

The last and final Esper that you can obtain is Zodiark; it is definitely the most difficult Esper to obtain and one of the more difficult fights in the game:

The next hunts to complete are listed below. Note that you can also partake in a mini-side quest when you initiate the first of these Hunts to track down Pylraster. More information is available below:

After you have won a few races against Rikken, set out to defeat Pylraster and complete the next Hunt as well as a few others that you received from Montblanc:

The next two Hunts take place in the Subterra area of the Pharos of Ridorana which is an area that you have not explored yet. Check out the Subterra side quest section for more information about this zone.

Once you have reached the lowest levels of the Subterra you can complete both of the following hunts:

The last Hunt to complete is the one listed above. You will want to be around level 70 before attempting this Hunt:

This will leave only the most difficult battles of the game left to complete. Before you can challenge Yiazmat, you must battle another dragon that is very similar named Hell Wyrm back in the Sochen Cave Palace:

Once Hell Wyrm (as well as the other Rank VII Hunts) have been defeated, return to Montblanc to accept the hunt for Yiazmat.

Yiazmat and Omega Mark XII (listed below) are the two most difficult fights in the game, so you may want to consider completing some of the Bestiary before initiating these battles (if you intend to fully complete the game). Completing some or all of the Bestiary will give you a good opportunity to level up your characters.

This concludes all of the side quests and optional end game content in Final Fantasy XII.