Hunt 43: Fishy Dreams
Ixion – Rank VI

This Hunt can be obtained after you have completed the events at the top of the Pharos of Ridorana including defeating Doctor Cid for the final time and after destroying the Sun-Cryst. Speak to Montblanc to obtain the Hunt.


The petitioner for this Hunt is the ‘Whitecap Wench’ who can be found inside the Whitecap in Quayside Court in Balfonheim Port.

Ixion is located in the Subterra of the Pharos at Ridorana. For more information about accessing and navigating through the Subterra and for more information about spawning Ixion, click on the following link:

You will know that Ixion has spawned if there are no foes when you reach the lower floors of the Subterra. If so, take the time to buff your characters with Protect, Shell and Haste before proceeding further.

Elite Hunt Battle: Ixion
Battle against Ixion in the Pharos Subterra while it uses Thundaga

Level: 58
HP: 306,559
Steal:Storm Crystal (55%), Grimoire Aidhed (10%), Magick Lamp (3%)

Ixion’s standard attacks are not to difficult to deal with. It’s Magick-based attacks are all Thunder-type damage, which means that you can significantly reduce the amount of damage done to your party members by equipping them with a Zodiac Escutcheon or with a Rubber Suit. You will take damage with each regular attack on Ixion so keep an eye on your team’s HP. Equipping a Diamond Armlet will also make you immune to many of its attacks.

Battle against Ixion in the Subterra

Ixion will cast Dispelga regularly, so you will have to recast your status enhancing spells, and it will also use Fearga often which will reduce your party member’s MP. Be prepared to use Ethers, Hi-Ethers and Elixirs to replenish MP as required so that you can continue to heal your party members.

You can cast Silence on Ixion early in the fight, but it will use Purify on itself later on to remove Silence, so that will only work early on.

Battle against Ixion for Hunt 43: Fishy Dreams

A video of the battle in the Zodiac Age version is included below:

Return to the Whitecap Wench once the battle is over (or proceed further down to defeat Shadowseer). The rewards for completing this Hunt include 3,000 gil, Sapping Bolts and the Ragnarok, a fairly powerful greatsword.