Treasures in the Great Crystal
Optional Retrieval Side Quest

There are numerous treasures available throughout the Great Crystal dungeon that you can obtain, although many players skip past them due to the difficulty of navigating the Great Crystal.

The maps and guide below should help you seek out and obtain some of the items available. The items that you can obtain from the Great Crystal include:

- Cloud Staff
- Thief’s Cuffs
- Holy Rod
- Gold Hairpin
- Ninja Gear
- Gaia Gear
- Caldera
- Staff of the Magi
- Rubber Suit
- Shellga
- Crown of Laurels
- Yagyu Darkblade
- Ring of Renewal
- Hastega
- Artemis Bow
- Excalibur

You can use the maps below to help navigate to any of the treasures listed above. The guides below can be useful to help you track down and find the two most powerful (and important) of those items and Magicks: the Yagyu Darkblade, the Excalibur, Hastega and Shellga.

The difficulty with navigating through the Great Crystal is that you can only activate one “gate” of a particular type at a time (such as either Gate Sagittarius I or Gate Sagittarius II). Therefore, there is no way to completely “clear” this dungeon of gates.

A full map of the Great Crystal is included below for reference:

Map of the Great Crystal with treasure

The treasure chests for the most important items are highlighted in the map above. Bring up your map if you get lost and compare the location that you are currently in to find out where you are within the Great Crystal. Reminder: you cannot open more than one gate at a time so make sure that you are strategic about placing your pathways.

Note: The Excalibur sword can only be obtained after you have defeated Ultima.