Hunt 32: Who’s the Strongest?!
Pylraster – Rank VII

This Hunt can be obtained after you have completed the events at the top of the Pharos of Ridorana including defeating Doctor Cid for the final time and after destroying the Sun-Cryst. Search for Bill No. 31 on one of the Notice Boards, such as the one in the Whitecap.


Rikken is located near the entrance to Reddas’ manse in Saccio Lane. In order to initiate the Hunt, you will need to race him through Saccio Lane. This short mini-game is actually a small side quest and you can continue to race Rikken afterwards. Check out the Saccio Lane Footrace section for more information.

Speaking to Rikken during the Saccio Lane Footrace
Map indicating where to find Rikken in Balfonheim Port

Mark Location

Pylraster is located in the exact same spot where you fought Hydro at the entrance to the Pharos at Ridorana. The zone is called “Thy Who Thirst Not”. You can warp to the orange Save Crystal in the Pharos of Ridorana and head directly west to find him.

Approaching Pylraster in the They Who Thirst Not zone of the Ridorana Cataract at the top of the stairs
Hunt Battle: Pylraster
Battle against Pylraster

Level: 63
HP: 493,513
Steal: Tyrant Hide (55%), Tyrant Bone (10%), Hastega Mote (3%)

Pylraster is one of the strongest Marks that you will have fought so far. He has a lot of HP and he hits particularly hard. Prepare your tank by equipping your strongest shield – this may be an Ensanguined Shield if you are okay with dealing with the negative status effects that accompany equipping it, but could also include the Zodiac Escutcheon.

Keep Protect, Bubble and Haste active throughout the fight. You should also ensure to keep Decoy active throughout the fight as well to keep Pylraster focused on your strongest character. Be prepared to have to cast Arise and revive them as well since Pylraster can use Crushing Fangs which could instantly kill the party member that he is targeting.

The Mark also has extremely high defense. You can use either Shear or Expose Technick to reduce its defense and increase the amount of damage done. Set up a Dispel Gambit to remove Pylraster’s Protect spell as well. It will increase to level 99 once it reaches 50% which will make it fairly difficult to hit.

Pylraster using Ram during Hunt 32: Who’s the Strongest

A video of the battle in the Zodiac Age version is included below:

Return to Rikken to claim your rewards which include 8,000 gil, a Grand Mace and two Scathe Motes.

Pylraster Vanquished Screen at the end of the Hunt