The Pharos at Ridorana

The Pharos at Ridorana is a small precursor room just before the team enters the Pharos proper and begins the ascent up the three levels.

They Who Thirst Not

Buff your party up with the standard assortment of enhancement buffs including Protect, Shell, Bubble, Haste as well as Bravery and Faith if you can spare the MP. Walk up the stairs to initiate a boss battle.

Entrance to the They Who Thirst Not zone where you will battle Hydro
Boss Battle: Hydro
Cinematic of Hydro at the Ridorana Cataract

Level: 47
HP: 203,800
Steal: Maggoty Flesh (55%), Corpse Fly (10%), Wyrm Bone (3%)

Hydro’s attacks to watch out for include Fearga and Curse. Fearga will heavily drain a character of their MP as well as any other characters who are standing close to the character that Hydro targets with the attack.

He also uses an attack called Curse which has a chance of inflicting the Confuse status effect. Equip your characters with a Bowline Sash to prevent this or at least one of your characters with it so that they can cast Esuna and heal other characters of the status as needed.

Battle against Hydro while it uses Crushing Fang

Hydro will cast Haste on itself which you can Dispel at the beginning of the battle. Hydro is also susceptible to Slow so you should set up a Slow Gambit as well to keep Slow on him for the duration of the fight.

He will chain attacks and achieve combos once he falls below 30% HP. Be prepared to heal with items such as X-Potions and Hi-Potions in the event that your primary healer runs out of MP (due to Fearga).

Battle against Hydro with him casting Fearga

Approach the doorway to the east once the battle is over (there is a Save Crystal inside the doorway so there is no need to return to the previous one). A short cutscene will take place outside of the Pharos.

Ashe staring at the doorway in to the Pharos

Fran will read an inscription on the wall signed by King Raithwall, the Dynast-King. The team will head into the First Ascent level of the Pharos. Head to the next page to continue.

The team entering the Pharos and leaving the Ridorana Cataract