Balfonheim Port

This is the second visit to the Balfonheim Port. This visit takes place after you have traveled to the Ancient City of Giruvegan and after completing the events at the Great Crystal. If, however, you have just completed the events at Draklor Laboratory and arrived for the first time, click on the following link to be taken back to the walkthrough page for the first visit to Balfonheim Port.

Make your way back to Saccio Lane, the area where you first arrived when you reached the Port during the first visit. Speak to the Manse Watch that guards the entrance to the Manse and tell him that you would like to speak with Reddas.

Speaking to the Manse Watch to gain access to Reddas in Balfonheim Port

Reddas will tell the team of some of the troubles that his armada ran into on the seas. He will then ask the team how things went at Giruvegan. Ashe will explain that they now know what Cid had been searching for: the Sun-Cryst.

Developing a plan to go after the Sun-Cryst

Vaan will suggest to the team that they make an attempt to find the Sun-Cryst before Cid does. They will agree to travel to the Naldoan Sea, the Ridorana Cataract and the Pharos Lighthouse. To do this, they will need to use the Strahl airship in one of the various Aerodromes around the world to travel there.

Nono explaining that the repairs on the Strahl Airship are complete

Reddas will join your party as a guest at this point in the game. He can be extremely helpful with some of the upcoming side quests, though he only provides support as an attacker. He will add some firepower to your team but he does not offer much in the way of healing or recovery Gambits the way that Lord Larsa did.

Raz describing the Pharos and Ridorana Cataract

As you leave Reddas’ manse, Nono the Moogle will explain that the repairs on the Strahl ship are complete and that you can use it from any of the Aerodromes. Before continuing with the main story of the game, let’s take care of some of the quests that are available.


There are some Hunts and Elite Hunts that you should pick up back in Rabanastre. Travel back to the Clan Hall and speak to Montblanc. He will give you a number of rewards including:

  • 1,800 gil for defeating Rafflesia
  • 1,900 gil for defeating Daedalus
  • 1,900 gil for defeating Tyrant
  • 2,100 gil for defeating Humbaba Mistant
  • 2,100 gil and an Amphora of Bacchus’s Wine for defeating Fury
  • A Nugget of Gemsteel and 2 Teleport Stones for obtaining 8 Espers

Head to the Sandsea and examine the Notice Board to pick up a few new Bills for Hunts including:

  • Bill No. 26 for Deathgaze (Rank VII)
  • Bill No. 27 for Diabolos (Rank VII)
  • Bill No. 28 for Piscodaemon (Rank V)
  • Bill No. 29 for Wild Malboro (Rank VI)
  • Bill No. 30 for Catoblepas (Rank VI)

Many of these Hunts can be completed right now and having Reddas in your party can be extremely helpful.

Eagle Eye

The Eagle Eye Trophy is obtained by defeating Deathgaze as part of Hunt 26: Visitor on Deck (Deathgaze – Rank VII). Click on the link above for more information.

Eagle Eye Trophy Icon

There are two more Hunts that you have which have yet to be completed. Specifically, Hunt 31: Wyrm Wrath’s Renewal (Fafnir – Rank VII) and the second half of Hunt 40: Battle on the Big Bridge (Gilgamesh – Rank VII).

The battle against Gilgamesh can be incredibly difficult but you may want to attempt it while you have Reddas in your party helping. That being said, both Hunts are quite difficult, so you may wish to save them for later.

It is time to move forward with the next phase of the game.