Hunt 35: Crime and Punishment
Orthros - Rank V

This Elite Hunt can be obtained after the events at the Tomb of King Raithwall and after you have reached the Clan Rank of Headhunter. You receive it pretty early in the game and it becomes much more easy to defeat later on.

For example, you will likely want to have the Bravery, Faith and Bubble spells as well as Protect, Shell and Haste. It is recommended that you complete this Hunt after you defeat Judge Bergan on the second visit to Mt Bur-Omisace.


You can find the Contrite Thief in the Lowtown of Rabanastre. The Contrite Thief is located near the entrance to the Garamsythe Waterway laying on the ground.

Speaking to the Contrite Thief in Lowtown in Rabanastre to initiate Hunt 35: Crime and Punishment
Map indicating where to find the Contrite Thief

Mark Location

Orthros is located in an area of the Garamsythe Waterway called the Southern Sluiceway. It is very close to the location where you may have already fought White Mousse.

In order to make Orthros appear, you must switch your party around so that you have all female party members when you enter the Southern Sluiceway. You can immediately switch your party members back around though once Orthros has spawned.

Entering the Garamsythe Waterway passage
Hunt Battle: Orthros
Battling against Orthros for Hunt 35

Level: 34
HP: 87,141
Steal: Phoenix Down, Caramel, Slime Oil

The most difficult aspect of this fight is finding ways to do enough damage efficiently to Orthros. Physical attacks, while not completely useless, are much less effective against flan-type enemies like Orthros. You can use Bravery though to increase the amount of physical damage done, which helps.

The best tactic is to begin the battle with Bravery, Faith, Protect and Haste Magick activated. You should also keep Blind active on Orthros for the duration of the fight. MP can tend to become an issue later on in the fight so save your heals and use them efficiently. You may even want to set up a second party member to assist with healing later on in the fight.

Orthros has a few attacks, including Mythril Bubbles, which will inflict some negative status effects, such as Slow, Blind and Immobilize. Make sure that you have an Esuna Gambit set up on a couple of your characters.

Orthros readies Flash

You will receive a bundle of Stolen Articles at the conclusion of the fight.

Return to Contrite Thief in Lowtown to receive your reward which includes 3,800 gil, Horakhty’s Flame and Unpurified Ether.

Speaking to the Contrite Thief again in the North Sprawl

You can now complete a part of the Three Medallions side quest. A man named Samal will appear after you speak to the Thief and will give you the Blackened Fragment. This Fragment is part of the Three Medallions side quest.

Obtaining the Blackened Fragment as part of the Three Medallions side quest

This Hunt is normally completed during the intermission period in the Rabanastre following the events at the Stilshrine of Miriam. Click on the link to return to that section of the strategy guide.