Hunt 17: Trouble in the Hills
Atomos - Rank III

This hunt becomes available after you have completed the events at the Stilshrine of Miriam and defeated Judge Bergan at Mt Bur-Omisace. It can easily be completed during your first trek through the Mosphoran Highwaste.


Head to Nalbina Fortress and search the northern wall in the Jajim Bazaar for a blue Bangaa named Burrogh hidden behind one of the stalls.

Speaking to Burrogh, the petitioner for Hunt 17: Trouble in the Hills, to track down Atomos
Map indicating where to find Burrogh, the petitioner for Atomos, in Nalbina Town

Mark Location

Atomos is very easy to find. Travel or warp to the Babbling Vale zone of the Mosphoran Highwaste and travel directly north, through the Trail of Sky-flung Stone, and into the Northern Skirts. Atomos can be seen wandering around in the middle of the field surrounded by Vultures.

It is recommended that you attempt to pull some of the Vultures away from Atomos and fight them alone before you initiate the battle.

Entering the Morsphoran Highwaste area for Hunt 17 for Atomos
Hunt Battle: Atomos
Approaching Atomos in the Mosphoran Highwaste for Hunt 17

Level: 33
HP: 40,020
Steal: Potion, Tanned Giantskin, Gemini Gem

As mentioned above, try to take out as many of the Vultures that surround Atomos as you can before you initiate the battle. Take your time to set up your characters in advance so that they are buffed with Protect, Bravery and Faith and then use Dispel on Atomos to remove its beneficial status effects.

Other than the points listed above, there is no other strategy needed for this fight. Keep Decoy up on your tank and slowly bring it down.

Initiating the battle against Atomos

Return to Burrogh in the Jajim Bazaar to receive your rewards which include 1,800 gil, Gaia Rod and a Diamond Shield. A blue Seeq named Jovy will wander over before your conversation concludes with Burrogh.

This Seeq is involved in an additional side quest that is automatically completed as you complete more Hunts for citizens in Nalbina Town. Click on the link below for more information: