Side Quest

There is a short and small side quest that takes place in Nalbina Fortress involving a young Seeq named Jovy. There are a few scenes that take place as you complete the Hunts with petitioners in the area.

Jovy will approach you after you complete one of the Hunts listed below. Speak to him again once you have completed all five Hunts for some free items.

Speaking to Jovy for the first time

The Hunts that need to be completed include:

- Hunt 17: Trouble in the Hills (Atomos – Rank III)
- Hunt 18: Adding Insult to Injury (Roblon – Rank VI)
- Hunt 24: The Creature Collector (Goliath – Rank VI)
- Hunt 25: Dead City Watch (Deathscythe – Rank VI)
- Hunt 39: Carrot Stalk (Carrot – Rank VII)

Jovy can now be seen running around the West Ward area of Nalbina Fortress. Stop him and speak to him for a short cutscene.

Jovy speaking to Vaan at the conclusion of the quest

Jovy will explain that Vaan is now his new hero. As his new hero, he will give you some items for your journey which include an Elixir and a Knot of Rust.

Picking up an Elixir and a Knot of Rust after completing the Jovy side quest

This concludes the Jovy side quest.