Hunt 23: The Things We Do…
Overlord - Rank VI

This Hunt can be completed any time after you have gone through the Draklor Laboratory after reaching the Imperial City of Archades. You can pick up the Bill in the Whitecap tavern in the Port of Balfonheim.


The ‘Insecure Seeq’ is hiding at the back of Bulward’s Technicks shop in the Molberry zone of the Imperial City of Archades.

Speaking to the Insecure Seeq in Bulward’s Technicks store in Archades to initiate Hunt 23
Map indicating where to find the Insecure Seeq

Mark Location

The Overlord is hiding out near the entrance of the Sochen Palace Cave. He is around a corner in the northwestern portion. It is easier to travel to this location by warping to the Tchita Uplands rather than to the Sochen Palace Cave warp point as that orange Save Crystal is at the very back of the palace whereas Overlord is right at the front.

Hunt Battle: Overlord

Level: 42
HP: 64,325
Steal: Forbidden Flesh (55%), Fire Crystal (10%), Gemini Gem (3%)

The Insecure Seeq will join you for this battle however he is extremely weak to Fire-based Magicks which means that he will not last long during this fight. He can also cause problems if you have an Ally: All Gambits setup to buff your party members. He is immune to Bubble, for example, which means that if you have an Ally: All > Bubble Gambit, that party member will just keep casting it and wasting their MP.

Set up some buff Gambits but make sure to turn them off once you initiate the fight. You may even want to turn them back on again if the fight goes on too long. As mentioned above, the Insecure Seeq will likely be killed off fairly early in the fight, which will prevent you from wasting MP with an Ally: All Gambit.

Approaching Overlord
Battle against Overlord with Vaan dying

Make sure to set up a Dispel Gambit to deal with Overlord’s Bravery buff. Overlord does a ton of damage, which is exacerbated with the Bravery buff, so Dispel it and spread your party around so that they can’t all be hit by Area of Effect (AoE) attacks such as Pyromania. You should also set up a Gambit to keep Blind and Slow cast on it at all times. It is very easy to get overwhelmed by Overlord’s damage dealing capabilities during this fight, but bring it down quickly and you will have no problems.

A video of the battle in the Zodiac Age version is included below:

Return to the Insecure Seeq back in the Imperial City of Archades to retrieve your rewards which include 3,500 gil, two Hi-Ethers and a Teleport Stone.

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