Hunt 16: The Deserter’s Revenge
Bloodwing - Rank V

This Hunt becomes available after you have completed the events at the Stilshrine of Miriam and defeated Judge Bergan at Mt Bur-Omisace. You will need to re-enter the Barheim Passage and travel to an area of the passage that you likely have not explored before.

The enemies along the passageway that lead to Bloodwing are quite difficult; you may need to leave this Hunt until later on in the game (you will want to be level 38 to 42).


The petitioner is “No. 381” (Bangaa Prisoner) who is near the beach in the South Bank Village in the Dalmasca Estersand. You will only be able to see this NPC (non-playable character) if you have completed the Desert Patient side quest.

Speaking to Prisoner No. 381, the petitioner for Hunt 16: The Deserter’s Revenge to find Bloodwing
Map indicating where to find No. 381, the petitioner for Bloodwing, in the South Bank Village

Mark Location

Bloodwing is located in the West Annex of the Barheim Passage. This is a new area of the Barheim Passage that you likely have not explored yet. It can be accessed only after you have obtained the Barheim Key which enables re-entry into the sealed off passage. Read the Desert Patient side quest page for more information on how to obtain the key:

Make your way to the South Bank Village – you can warp there using an orange Save Crystal and selecting the Dalmasca Estersand. Exit the village to the south into the Banks of the Nebra, southeast into the Murmuring Defile and then use the Barheim Key on the locked doorway.

Using the Barheim Key to get access to the Barheim Passage

This doorway leads into the Zeviah Subterrane area of the Barheim Passage. Do an immediate U-turn and travel north towards the Great Central Passage.

Entrance to the Barheim Passage in the Zeviah Subterrane

If this is the first time back in the Barheim Passage though, you should travel north back into the North-South Junction and touch the orange Save Crystal. This Save Crystal was not here during your previous visit but you can now use it to warp back to the Barheim Passage at any time.

Traveling through the Great Central Passage of the Barheim Passage to track down Bloodwing

There is a new area that you can reach from this zone by heading west – it leads into the East-West Bypass which then leads to the Zeviah Span. While in the East-West Bypass though, make sure you stop and pick up the Toxify Magick spell which is in one of the nearby treasure chests.

Traveling down the Zeviah Span past two Mom Bombs to reach Bloodwing

The Zeviah Span is quite large and leads a long way south. Follow the pathway along until you reach what appears to be a dead end. Search the west side of the path for a turned-over cart and watch for the Action Icon to appear.

Press the XButton near the “Precarious Cart” and it will drop down to the lower level creating a new path. Walk down the pathway and continue south into the West Annex.

Pushing over the Precarious Cart to find Bloodwing

Travel all the way south once you reach the West Annex. Search for a mountainous trail that leads upward – use the map below to help you find it. Bloodwing is located halfway along the raised, mountainous pathway.

Map of the Barheim Passage with the location of Bloodwing pointed out

Click on the map above to enlarge it.

Hunt Battle: Bloodwing
Approaching Bloodwing for Hunt 16: The Deserter’s Revenge

Level: 37
HP: 41,171
Steal: Pebble (55%), Bat Fang (10%), Spiral Incisor (3%)

Oddly enough, getting to Bloodwing is quite often more difficult than defeating Bloodwing itself. The undead enemies take a lot of damage to bring down and it is easy to run out of MP along the way. Bloodwing isn’t too difficult once you have made it this far.

Make sure that you set up each of your party members with some type of ranged attack, such as Bows, Crossbows, Guns, or Magick spells as their primary damage source. Use the Foe > Flying Gambit to make the transition between undead enemies and Bloodwing easier.

You can use Immobolize to prevent it from getting too close to your ranged attackers and greatly reduce the amount of damage done to your party members. Blind is quite effective at reducing damage as well.

Battle against Bloodwing during Hunt 16 with it casting Leech

A video of the battle in the Zodiac Age version is included below:

If you are completing this Hunt after arriving at the Phon Coast section of the game, you should note that you are very close to the location where you need to be in order to obtain the optional Esper, Zalera.

Check out the Zalera Esper section of the guide if you plan to complete this optional quest as well. You can save yourself some time!

Battle against Bloodwing during Hunt 16

Return to No. 381 at the South Bank Village to complete the Hunt. The rewards include 2,400 gil, Stun Bombs and a Vampyr Fang.

This quest is normally completed after reaching the Phon Coast section of the strategy guide. Click on the link to return to that page.