Phon Coast

Kaukula Pass

There is a short cutscene that takes place as soon as you enter the Phon Coast. A few Imperial airships will fly past and Balthier will reconfirm that they made the right choice by traveling to Archades on foot as they would have been caught had they traveled by airship.

Cinematic entering the Phon Coast
The team discussing the pathway to Archades

While you should definitely heed the warning mentioned above, it should be noted that you can already obtain the Zodiac Spear now that you have reached (or passed) the Salikawood zone. Check out the Necrohol of Nabudis for more information.

Save your game at the Save Crystal and proceed south into the next area.

The Reseta Strand

There isn’t too much to do in the Phon Coast other than to travel to the next destination. The final destination is to the east and it is called the Hunter’s Camp. Use the map below to help you navigate to it.

You will need to travel southeast, though there is no harm in leveling up your characters and exploring the entirety of the Phon Coast.

Using the Save Crystal in the Kaukula Pass
Traveling along the Rosetta Strand on the way to the Hunter’s Hunt Camp

There are two exits at the southernmost section of the Reseta Strand. One which leads to the Mauleia Strand and one which leads to the Pora-Pora Sands. Travel to the Pora-Pora Sands in order to continue onward to the Hunter’s Camp.

Pora-Pora Sands

There is a blocked off area on the north side of the zone which cannot be accessed yet. Continue eastward from here.

Cape Uahuk

Again, continue traveling east towards the Hunter’s Camp.

Hunter’s Camp

Another cutscene will play once you walk a little farther into the Hunter’s Camp. This one primarily involves a discussion between Balthier and Ashe. Balthier will explain that he used to be a Judge, part of a past that he is hoping to forget.

He talks about a man that he used to know named Cidolfus Demen Bunansa, otherwise known as Doctor Cid, continuing the long standing tradition in Final Fantasy games of including a character named Cid. Doctor Cid is revealed to be Balthier’s father.

There is also a short cutscene that involves Ashe speaking to Lord Rasler.

Entering the Hunter’s Camp at the Phon Coast
Opening cinematic of the Hunter’s Camp

Save your game at the orange Save Crystal. You should also speak with the “Vendor of Goods” standing near the hut in the center of the camp as she sells a number of new and useful items. New items are denoted with an asterisk below:

10,600 gil
11,200 gil
7,700 gil
9,500 gil
6,000 gil
5,300 gil
8,900 gil
7,700 gil
10,360 gil
10,650 gil
8,700 gil
7,700 gil
4,200 gil
5,900 gil
5,900 gil
5,900 gil
5,900 gil
8,100 gil
7,500 gil
6,360 gil
4,900 gil
4,900 gil
4,900 gil
4,900 gil
7,000 gil
6,600 gil
5,600 gil
12,000 gil
5,200 gil
1,200 gil
1,000 gil
3,000 gil
3,000 gil
3,000 gil
800 gil
600 gil
800 gil
1,200 gil
300 gil
1,300 gil
600 gil
500 gil
6,000 gil
4,800 gil
5,000 gil
2,000 gil
1,500 gil
600 gil
400 gil
1,400 gil
6,800 gil
5,700 gil
3,800 gil
4,000 gil
2,400 gil
3,300 gil
900 gil
3,500 gil
2,700 gil
2,900 gil
1,000 gil
800 gil
2,700 gil
1,200 gil

You should upgrade your armor and weapons and restock any items that you need. Before continuing further into Archadia, you may want to take some time to complete any of the hunts that you have not completed so far. This will also be much easier if you managed to obtain the Zodiac Spear.

Standing in the center of the Hunter’s Camp
Using the Orange Save Crystal in the Hunter’s Camp

Note that the following Hunts should be complete, and if you have not completed them already, it is recommended that you do so now. If you are reviewing the Hunts in the Clan Primer, the Hunt numbers may not match the numbers listed below as the Clan Primer changes the numbers as you add more Hunts in to the list. New hunts are listed further down:

- Hunt 02: Wolf in the Waste (Thextera – Rank I)
- Hunt 03: Dalmasca’s Desert Bloom (Flowering Cactoid – Rank I)
- Hunt 04: Waterway Hunting (Wraith – Rank I)
- Hunt 05: Marauder in the Mines (Nidhogg – Rank I)
- Hunt 06: Lost in the Pudding (White Mousse – Rank V)
- Hunt 07: For Whom the Wyrm Tolls (Ring Wyrm – Rank III)
- Hunt 08: A Scream from the Sky (Wyvern Lord – Rank II)
- Hunt 09: A Tingling Toast (Marilith – Rank V)
- Hunt 10: The Defense of Ozmone Plain (Enkelados – Rank II)
- Hunt 11: A Ring in the Rain (Croakadile – Rank II)
- Hunt 12: The Dead Ought Sleep Forever (Ixtab – Rank II)
- Hunt 13: Befoulment of the Beast (Feral Retriever – Rank III)
- Hunt 14: A Chase Through the Woods (Vorpal Bunny – Rank III)
- Hunt 15: The Mine Flayer (Mindflayer – Rank IV)
- Hunt 17: Trouble in the Hills (Atomos – Rank III)
- Hunt 19: Rodeo to the Death (Braegh – Rank IV)
- Hunt 33: Little Love on the Big Plains (Cluckatrice – Rank I)
- Hunt 34: The Cry of Its Power (Rocktoise – Rank I)
- Hunt 35: Crime and Punishment (Orthros – Rank V)
- Hunt 36: Paradise Risen (Gil Snapper – Rank III)

There are three additional Hunts that you should consider completing at this point:


The Sharpshooter Trophy is automatically obtained when you defeat Trickster during Hunt 37: Paramina Run (Trickster – Rank V). Click on the link above for more information.

Wyrmslayer Trophy Icon

The only Hunts that you should have left at this point are Hunt 18: Adding Insult to Injury (Roblon – Rank VI) and Hunt 39: Carrot Stalk (Carrot – Rank VII). These two Hunts are quite difficult to complete at this stage in the game, even with the Zodiac Spear in hand. Check out each of those two Hunt pages if you are up for the challenge, otherwise, these two Hunts can be completed later on in the game (recommended).

You may also want to take this time to track down some of these optional Espers that are available as well:

If you completed the fight and obtained Zalera as an Esper, travel westward out of Terminus No. 7 in the Barheim Passage which leads directly into the Garamsythe Waterway, to complete the next optional Esper battle:

As soon as you entered the Phon Coast, one more optional Esper battle became available which you can complete as well. This one is much more difficult to complete and you may wish to save it until later.

Now that you have completed nearly all of the available Hunts and obtained the optional Espers, use one of the orange Save Crystals to warp back to the Hunter’s Camp at the Phon Coast.

Locate the Fallen Bhujerban in the northwestern section of the Hunter’s Camp and search the area beside him for the Small Key and pick it up. Note that you will only be able to find the Small Key (Site 11 Key) if you completed Hunt 38: Antlion Infestation (Antlion – Rank V) previously. This is the key that the two kids mentioned dropping at the conclusion of the fight that was expected to wash up on the shore somewhere.

Speaking to the Fallen Bhujerban looking at the Small Key
Picking up the Small key to gain access to Site 11

There are a few other areas that you can explore in the Phon Coast, including the Vaddu Strand, the Caima Hills and the Limatra Hills on the way to Rava’s Pass. Remember that you should not open up any of the treasure chests in the Vaddu Strand if you have not obtained the Zodiac Spear in the original PlayStation 2 version of the game.

Check the Zodiac Spear side quest section of the Necrohol of Nabudis page for more information (and at this point, it is possible to have already obtained the Zodiac Spear).

Approaching the treasure cehsts in the Vaddu Strand that impact the Zodiac Spear side quest

Travel through to Rava’s Pass, use the Save Crystal to save your game and then proceed into the next area of the game – the Tchita Uplands.

Map of the Phon Coast

(Click on the map to enlarge)