Hunt 07: For Whom the Wyrm Tolls
Ring Wyrm - Rank III

This Hunt can be accessed as soon as you have defeated the Wyvern Lord which is part of Hunt 08: A Scream from the Sky. The difficulty with this fight has to do with the large amount of HP that it has but it is fairly easy after Larsa rejoins your party and after you visit Eruyt Village and can purchase the Decoy spell.


Balzac who can be found in Lowtown. He was previously called a “Rabanastran” and is the guy sitting on the crate on the west side of Lowtown.

Speaking to Balzac, the petitioner for Hunt 07 For Whom the Wyrm Tolls
Map showing where to find Balzac

Mark Location

The Ring Wyrm is located in the Dalmasca Westersand area far to the west in an area called the Windtrace Dunes (check the map of the Dalmasca Westersand to find it). It will only appear during a sandstorm though, so exit and re-enter the area until a sandstorm appears and then search the south side of the zone.

Entering the Windtrace Dunes to hunt down the Ring Wyrm
Hunt Battle: Ring Wyrm
Approaching Ring Wyrm in the Dalmasca Westersand Windtrace Dunes

Level: 32
HP: 128,648
Steal: Phoenix Down, Hi-Potion, Water Magicite

The biggest challenge you will face attempting to defeat the Ring Wyrm Mark is dealing with its massive amount of HP. It will also use Restore on itself to gain back 30% of its HP part way through the battle.

Make sure that you have a tank setup to deal with Ring Wyrm’s damage – check the party setup page of the tips and tricks section for more information. Have one of your party members setup with a Gambit to keep Protect on your tank and to keep Blind on Ring Wyrm. You should also have an Esuna Gambit setup to cure your party members of negative status effect as you may be hit with Sap, Immobilize and Disable throughout the fight.

Ring Wyrm is weak to Fire-based Magick spells. Not only are Fire and Fira quite effective, but Belias, your newest Esper, uses Fire-based attacks and is also quite an effective tool to use during this fight.

Battle against Ring Wyrm for Hunt 07

A video of the battle in the Zodiac Age version is included below:

Return to Balzac once Ring Wyrm is defeated. The rewards for defeating it include 200 gil, a Moon Ring and an Icebrand.