Belias, the Gigas
(Mandatory Esper)

Belias is fought during a regular playthrough of the game when the team reaches the Tomb of King Raithwall. He must be fought and obtained in order for the team to reach the Dawn Shard.

He is the first Esper that the team obtains. He also plays a role in the story when the team reaches the entrance to the Ancient City of Giruvegan.


Belias is located in the Cloister of Flame zone of the Tomb of King Raithwall.

Entering the top of the Cloister of Flame and approaching Belias
Esper Battle: Belias
Opening cinematic of Belias inside the Tomb of King Raithwall

Level: 20
HP: 15,943
Steal: Aries Gem (55%), Ether (10%), High Archana (3%)

Belias is an Esper, the first one that you have encountered so far, and he is responsible for guarding the Dawn Shard.

He is a fire-based Esper and most of his damage will come from fire-based Magick spells. Do not use fire-based Magick such as Fire on him as it will heal him instead of inflicting damage. The most effect spell to use against him is Aqua. Belias is susceptible to Slow so be sure to try and inflict it early on in the fight.

Battle against Belias, the first Esper, stealing and Aries Gem

You should also cast Shell on each of your party members to minimize the amount of damage done and be sure to remove the Oil status effect if any of your party members are afflicted as this will cause increased damage from fire-based attacks. His Firaja spell has a chance to inflict the Oil status effect.

Belias casting Firaja during the battle

A video of the battle in the Zodiac Age version is included below:

Congratulations – you now have Belias as an Esper which you can use in battle!

Belias is similar to Ifrit in previous Final Fantasy titles. His attacks are Fire-based. His standard attack is called Painflare and his ultimate attack is called Hellfire (which hits all enemies in range).

Esper Locked Licenses

Unlocking Belias on the License Boards of certain jobs will unlock additional License Boards:

There are no optimal choices for the Licenses that can be unlocked using Belias - Libra can be somewhat helpful.