Tchita Uplands

Realm of the Elder Dream

Travel eastward through the Realm of the Elder Dream. There are two pathways that you can take east, one which leads to The Skytrail and one which leads to the Oliphzak Rise.

Both of those areas lead you into another zone which contains a Save Crystal, as shown in the map at the bottom of this page (one is located in the Chosen Path and one is located in The Nameless Spring).

Entering the Tchita Uplands through the Realm of Elder Dream

Whichever Save Crystal you reach first will have an Archadian Wayfarer standing nearby. Speak to the Wayfarer and he will mistake you for one of the Phon Coast Hunters. He will give you a non-official Bill to help him hunt down “a terrible menace [that] plagues the Sochen Cave Palace”.

Speaking to the Archadian Wayfarer in the Phon Coast

Accept the crudely drawn Bill and offer to hunt down the creature(s) in the cave. The Archadian Wayfarer will give you a Soul Ward Key allowing access to the area.

Fake Bill to defeat the menace that plagues the Sochen Cave Palace

There are a ton of areas to explore in the Tchita Uplands (as shown in the map below) but there actually isn’t much that you can do in this region. Reaching the far west side of this zone (The Shaded Path) yields a blocked off pathway that you cannot pass without a Chocobo which can be taken care of later.

The only other item you may want to attempt to obtain is a treasure chest in the southeast corner of the Garden of Life’s Circle zone. This treasure chest spawns very rarely but it has a fairly good chance of containing a Diamond Armlet.

This is the earliest opportunity to obtain the Diamond Armlet in the PlayStation 2 version of the game and it can be an incredibly helpful tool if you are lucky enough to obtain it.

Save your game at the Save Crystal in the zone next to the Garden of Life’s Circle (called the Nameless Spring) and reset your game if you do not obtain the Diamond Armlet on your first try. This can take a few attempts but you can continue attempting this until you get one.

There are a number of alternative methods of obtaining a Diamond Armlet in the PlayStation 4 Zodiac Age version of the game. Check out the “How to obtain a Diamond Armlet” page for more information

Diamond Armlet Treasure Chest in the Tchita Uplands

Make sure you pick up the following:

  • Float Magick in the Nameless Spring (indicated by the Number 1 on the map below)
  • Blindga Magick in the Fields of Eternity (indicated by the Number 2 on the map below)
  • Regen Magick in the Lost Way area (indicated by the Number 3 icon on the map below)

Travel through the Highlands and north through the Fields of Eternity to reach the next section of the game: the Sochen Cave Palace.

Map of the Tchita Uplands

(Click on the map to enlarge)