Bestiary entry from the Clan Primer:

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There are four different types of Seeqs that you can encounter and do battle with: Caterans, Thieves, Fishers and Explorers.


Common - (40-55%) (Nothing) (Cateran, Thief and Explorer)
Uncommon - (25-40%) Water Stone (Cateran)
Dagger (Thief)
Water Crystal (Explorer)
Rare - (3-12%) Phoenix Down (Cateran)
Echo Herbs (Thief)
Nu Khai Sand (Explorer)
Very Rare - (1-5%) Six-fluted Pole
Ice Crystal (Thief)
Tumulus (Explorer)

Percentages listed above are based on the chain level of the enemy killed. Check out the Grinding and Power Leveling page for more information.


Common - (55%) Pebble (Cateran)
80 gil (Thief)
160 gil (Explorer)
Uncommon - (10%) 200 gil (Cateran)
Gold Needle (Thief)
Teleport Stone (Thief)
(Nothing) (Explorer)
Rare - (3%) Hi-Potion (Cateran)
Water Mote (Thief)
X-Potion (Explorer)


Common - (95%) Pebble (Cateran and Thief)
Uncommon - (5%) Pebble (Cateran and Thief)


· Cerobi Steppe - The Terraced Bank (Explorer)
· Mosphoran Highwaste - Empyrean Way (Cateran)
· Mosphoran Highwaste - Trail of Sky-flung Stone (Cateran)
· Tchita Uplands - The Skytrail (Thief)
· Tchita Uplands - Sundered Earth (Thief)