Map of the Tchita Uplands

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Map of the Tchita Uplands

The story leads the team through the Tchita Uplands after they travel through the Phon Coast and are on their way to the Sochen Cave Palace (on their way to Old Archades and Imperial City of Archades). Click on the links to navigate to those sections of the strategy guide.

The pathway in to the Cerobi Steppes will be blocked when you arrive in the Tchita Uplands for the first time.

Treasure Chests

Number on Map Chance of Chest Appearing Normal Loot Diamond Armlet
50% 50% 90% 10%
(1) 100% Float Float Float Float
(2) 100% Blindga Blindga Blindga Blindga
(3) 100% Regen Regen Regen Regen

Connected Areas

- Cerobi Steppe
- Phon Coast
- Sochen Cave Palace