Old Archades

Note: You will need to pay 4,000 gil to a Non-Playable Character in part of the story coming up. Make sure that you save enough gil if you decide to spend any at the shops in this area or return to the Sochen Cave Palace and battle some enemies for loot to sell if you’re running low.

Cinematic of Old Archades
The team discussing Old Archades and its sorry state

Alley of Low Whispers

Vaan will comment on the smell of the area and Balthier will explain that Old Archades is where the runoff from Archades proper reaches. Both Old Archades and actual Archades, when you reach it, are unique in that all of the NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) and townsfolk are referred to as “Archadian Vulgar” or “Proper Gent” until you speak to them. Their name changes to something more unique, such as “Stairbottom Elder” or “Ex-Broker”, after you speak to them.

Speak to all of the townsfolk as you pass so that you can see their names; this will make an upcoming mini-quest much easier.

Speaking to an Archadian Vulgar in the Alley of Low Whispers
Speaking to the Precious Girl in the Alley of Low Whispers

There is a “Stranded Merchant” right around the corner when you first enter the Alley of Low Whispers. The Stranded Merchant sells Accessories and regular items in the PlayStation 2 version of the game. He only sells items in the PlayStation 4 Zodiac Age version of the game:

Make sure to find the Ex-Broker, the Shady Seeq and the group of dancing Moogles before traveling west, across the bridge, into the next section of town.

Alley of Muted Sighs

Use the Save Crystal in the southwest section of the zone to save your game. Go south towards the entrance to Archades towards to Imperial Soldiers. The Imperial Soldier will ask you if you have the proper credentials – it does not matter which answer you choose. A cutscene will begin afterwards involving a former acquaintance of Balthier named Jules.

Vaan entering the Alley of Muted Sighs
Imperial Soldier refusing access to Archades because you do not have the proper credentials

Jules will offer to assist you if you pay him 1,500 gil. Choose to “Pay Up” and then he will ask Vaan if he has heard any rumors around town.

Interruption by Jules in the Alley of Muted Sighs
Paying Jules for his advice

Depending on whom you spoke to, Vaan will tell Jules about the Lucky Man, the Shady Seeq or the Ex Broker. If Vaan talks to Jules about…

… the ‘Bag of Coins’, you should speak to Beasley.
… the Moogles, you should speak to the dancing group of Moogles near the Shady Seeq.
… the Ex-Broker/Fresh Ardent, you should speak to the Ex-Broker NPC.

Speaking to Beasley for Jules
Speaking to the group of dancing Moogles for Jules
Speaking to the Ex-Broker for Jules

Return to Jules and a brawl will start somewhere in town causing a distraction. The two Imperial Soldiers will rush down the alleyway allowing the party to sneak past and into Archades.

Jules initiating the diversion
The Imperial Soldiers rushing past to deal with the commotion

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Map of the Old Archades

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