Hunt 12: The Dead Ought Sleep Forever
Ixtab - Rank II

You can obtain the Hunt for Ixtab after you have finished the story through to Eruyt Village and obtained Lente’s Tear. Bill No. 11 for Ixtab can be found on any of the Notice Boards. This hunt is relatively easy at the point that it becomes available during a regular playthrough.


High-Chief Zayalu who is located in Jahara in the Elderknoll area next to the other elders of the tribe. You can warp to Jahara from any of the orange Save Crystals.

Speaking to High-chief Zayalu, the petitioner, to initiate Hunt 12 The Dead Ought Sleep Forever for Ixtab
Map indicating where to find High-chief Zayalu

Mark Location

Ixtab is located in the Phase 1 Shaft area of the Henne Mines. You can either walk to the Henne Mines through the Ozmone Plain or you can warp into them using an orange Save Crystal and backtrack your way to Phase 1 Shaft. Ixtab can be found in the southeast corner where you initially found the map of the Henne Mines in the green Urn. You will not be able to see it there until you get very close.

Approaching Ixtab in the Henne Mines Phase 1 Shaft
Hunt 12 Map of the Henne Mines

Hunt Battle: Ixtab

Level: 24
HP: 22,562
Steal: Dark Crystal, Book of Orgain-Mille, Flame Shield

This Mark is extremely easy compared to the previous ones that you have likely already defeated at this point. The only difficulty you will face is that it might cast Doom on one or more of your party members and Doom cannot be removed using the spells you have, but you can use a Remedy if one of your party members has activate the Remedy Lore 3 License.

Ixtab using Annul during battle
Stealing a Dark Crystal from Ixtab during Hunt 12 The Dead Ought Sleep Forever

A video of the battle in the Zodiac Age version is included below:

Return to High-Chief Zayalu in Jahara to receive your rewards: 1,300 gil, an Ether and a Soul Powder.