Walkthrough Index

Please note that the following walkthrough sections are full of spoilers. Do not read ahead if this is your first time playing through the game.

Kokiri Forest
Obtaining the Kokiri Sword and the Deku Shield to meet up with the Great Deku Tree.

Kokiri Forest Title Screen

Inside the Great Deku Tree
The first dungeon of the game that Link completes to obtain the Kokiri Emerald.

Inside the Great Deku Tree Entrance

The Journey to Hyrule Castle
Traveling through Hyrule Field to reach the town of Hyrule.

Hyrule Field Title Screen

Hyrule Castle
Sneaking past the Hyrule Soldiers to reach the Castle Courtyard and meet up with Princess Zelda.

The Hyrule Castle title screen

The Lost Woods and the Sacred Forest
Travelling through the Lost Woods to the Sacred Forest to meet up with Saria and learn Saria’s Song on the Fairy Ocarina.

Saria in the Sacred Forest Meadow

Kakariko Village
Presenting the hand written note from Princess Zelda to pass through the gate into the Death Mountain Trail.

Kakariko Village Title Screen

Death Mountain Trail and Goron City
Meeting up with Darunia and obtaining the Goron’s Bracelet so that Link can pick up Bomb Flowers.

Death Mountail Trail opening cinematic

Dodongo’s Cavern
The second dungeon for young Link to complete to obtain the Goron’s Ruby from Darunia.

Dodongo’s Cavern Title Screen

Zora’s River
Travelling up the Zora’s River to reach the Zora’s Domain.

Zora’s River Zelda’s Lullaby cinematic

Zora’s Domain
Meeting up with King Zora and discovering the Princess Ruto is missing.

Zora’s Domain opening sequence

Lake Hylia
Discovering clues about Princess Ruto’s whereabouts from the note in the Bottle.

Lake Hylia cinematic

Zora’s Fountain
Reaching Lord Jabu-Jabu and offering him a fish to gain entry into the next dungeon.

Zora’s Fountain Opening Cinematic

Inside Lord Jabu-Jabu’s Belly
The third dungeon of the game as young Link which involves saving Princess Ruto and obtaining the Zora’s Sapphire.

Inside Lord Jabu-Jabu’s Belly Title Screen

Temple of Time
Completing all of the side quests before proceeding to the Temple of Time and the pulling the Master Sword out of the Pedestal of Time.

Temple of Time Opening Cinematic

Hyrule Seven Years Later
Rediscovering Hyrule after Link returns as an adult seven years into the future and picking up the Hookshot.

Link in the Chamber of Sages

Kokiri Forest and Lost Woods
Returning to the Kokiri Forest, Lost Woods and Sacred Forest Meadow to try and find Saria.

Sheik in the Sacred Forest Meadow

Forest Temple
The first dungeon to complete as Adult Link - rescue Saria by defeating each of the colored Poes and then defeat Phantom Ganon.

Forest Temple Entrance Title Screen

Traveling to Death Mountain
Use this opportunity to travel back in time to become Young Link once again and complete a few of the side quests.

Returning to the Temple of Time to become young Link

Bottom of the Well
Return to Kakariko Village as Young Link and enter the well to retrieve the Lens of Truth.

The Well in Kakariko Village

Death Mountain Crater
Complete a few side quests before you travel back up Death Mountain to reach Goron City on the way to the crater.

Death Mountain Crater Title Screen

Fire Temple
Completing the second Temple as Adult Link to defeat Volvagia and rescue the Gorons picking up the Megaton Hammer in the process.

Zora’s Fountain Opening Cinematic

Zora’s Domain Frozen Over
Return to Zora’s Domain to find it frozen over and then head to the Zora’s Fountain where Lord Jabu-Jabu used to be.

Zora’s Domain Frozen Over entrance

Ice Cavern
Jump across the ice blocks in the Zora’s Fountain and then complete the Ice Cavern mini-dungeon to obtain the Iron Boots.

Ice Cavern Entrance Title Screen

Empty Lake Hylia
Return to Lake Hylia to find it completely empty and then use the Iron Boots to enter the next temple.

Lake Hylia Empty Title Screen

Water Temple
Complete the Water Temple, one of the most frustrating and painful dungeons in the game picking up the Longshot along the way.

Water Temple Title Screen

Heading Back to Kakariko Village
Obtaining the Fire Arrows on the way back to Kakariko Village to complete the next temple after another meeting with Sheik.

Kakariko Village on fire cinematic

Shadow Temple
Use the Nocturne of Shadow to reach the next temple above the Kakariko Village Graveyard and use the Lens of Truth to complete it and picking up the Hover Boots.

Shadow Temple Title Screen

Gerudo Fortress
Travel to the Gerudo Valley and then escape the Gerudo Fortress and Thieves’ Hideout to continue on to the Haunted Wasteland.

Gerudo Fortress Title Screen

Haunted Wasteland
Use the flag posts and the Poe guide to reach the far side of the wasteland.

Haunted Wasteland Title Screen

Desert Colossus
The area outside of the final temple in the game - the Spirit Temple.

Desert Colossus Title Screen

Spirit Temple
The final dungeon of the game that needs to be completed as both young Link and adult Link and involving the Mirror Shield.

Spirit Temple Title Screen

Meeting at the Temple of Time
The final meeting at the Temple of Time where Sheik reveals him/herself to be Princess Zelda and explains the Triforce pieces.

Princess Zelda Temple of Time

Ganon’s Castle
Completing each of the trials to destroy the shield protecting Ganon’s Tower.

Ganon’s Castle Title Screen

Traveling up the tower for the final battle against Ganondorf.

Ganondorf Title Screen

The final battle against Ganon and the completion of the game.

Ganon Title Screen