Zora’s Domain Frozen Over

The next destination to go to after completing the Fire Temple is Zora’s Domain but there are a number of side quests that you can complete before you continue to the next dungeon. For starters, there is another Great Fairy Fountain that you reach.

Exit the Death Mountain Crater back into Darunia’s Chamber and then head back out of the entrance to Goron City. Take a right back to the spot where you picked the Bomb Flower to open up the Dodongo’s Cavern. Destroy the red boulder on the right side of the screen with the Megaton Hammer to find a Gold Skulltula. Note though that it has to be night time to make the Gold Skulltula appear. Play the Sun’s Song if needed and collect the token (number 71 of 100).

Smashing the red block on the Death Mountain Trail to reveal a Gold Skulltula

Continue up the Death Mountain Trail until you reach the area where the boulders came falling down on young Link. There are a number of red boulders along this pathway. The one furthest up the trail can be destroyed to reveal a Gold Skulltula. It has to be nighttime to make this one appear as well (number 72 of 100).

Second Gold Skulltula further up the Death Mountain Trail

Travel up the rest of the Death Mountain Trail, up the cliff wall, and look off to the right side of the screen to find a huge Goron sitting there. Speak to him and he will tell you that he is the best when it comes to making blades. This Biggoron is involved in the Biggoron’s Sword side quest and the final stages involve gathering and returning items to him. Pull out the Broken Giant’s Knife near the Biggoron and he will tell you that, while he would like to repair it, his eyesight has left him due to an eruption at the volcano yesterday. Biggoron will provide you with a Prescription, the next item involved in the side quest, and will ask you to take it to King Zora. Conveniently enough, Zora’s Domain is the next destination!

The Biggoron on the side of Death Mountain
Obtaining the Prescription from Biggoron before he can reforge the sword

The next destination is just outside of Zora’s River and then Zora’s Domain. The fastest way to get there though is to play the Prelude of Light to warp to the Temple of Time rather than travel all the way back down Death Mountain. Travel back up the Zora’s River and into the Zora’s Domain. Travel through the Zora’s Domain out into the Zora’s Fountain to find the blocks of ice in the fountain and use them to cross to the Ice Cavern in the cave on the north side.

Entering the Zora’s Domain which is now frozen over
Entering the Zora’s Fountain in behind King Zora