Heart Pieces

These Heart Pieces are listed in the order that you can obtain them during a regular playthrough of the game. Each of them indicate whether you need to be young Link or old Link if you are going back to retrieve them.

Lost Woods (1/36)

The first Heart Piece that you can obtain is located in the Lost Woods. You can retrieve it as soon as you have completed the Great Deku Tree dungeon and exit Kokiri Forest into Hyrule Field for the first time.

Turn around and reenter the Kokiri Forest and enter the Lost Woods. You can find the entrance on the north side of the Kokiri Forest.

Link entering Hyrule Field for the first time
Link entering the Lost Woods

Take your first right when you reach the Lost Woods. This is the same area where you can obtain the Big Bullet Bag accessory by hitting the target with your Fairy Slingshot.

Drop down the ladder on the left side of the screen and stand on the stump. Two Skull Kids will appear in front of Link. Have Link pull out his Fairy Ocarina to initiate the mini-game.

The game is essentially a version of Simon Says. The Skull Kids will play 3 notes, add another note and then one more note, for a total of 5 notes. Play them all successfully 3 times and they will reward Link with a Heart Piece. The subsequent two games will add an additional note making it slightly more difficult.

Speaking to the Skull Kids in the Lost Woods
Obtaining a Heart Piece from the Skull Kids in the Lost Woods

Hyrule Castle (2/36)

Reenter the Hyrule Market after dark by traveling to the Hyrule Castle area and waiting for time to pass. Travel down the alleyway to the left of the Shooting Gallery and enter the doorway at the end of the street.

Follow the Back Alley around until you find a specific doorway (shown in the screenshot below) that leads into a woman’s house. Speak to her and she will tell you that her puppy has gone missing.

The puppy that you are looking for can be found in the center of the Market. It’s a white dog wandering around in front of a house with a man standing in the window of the second story (and shown in the screenshot below).

Touch the dog and it will automatically follow behind you. If you accidentally get the wrong dog just leave the area by heading towards Hyrule Castle and then reenter the Market Place. Return the dog to the woman for a Heart Piece.

Finding Richard the dog in the Hyrule Market
Obtaining the Piece of Heart from the woman missing her dog

Lon Lon Ranch (3/36)

There is a large silo on the far side of Lon Lon Ranch on the opposite side of the horse pen in the middle of the field (shown in the screenshot below). Enter the silo and you will find two cows and six boxes.

Maneuver the boxes around to reveal a small hole in the corner of the room that Link can crawl through. There is a Heart Piece at the end of the tunnel.

Pulling the crates in Lon Lon Ranch
Obtaining the Piece of Heart from inside the silo of Lon Lon Ranch

Lost Woods (4/36)

Enter the Lost Woods and take your first left. You should see a Skull Kid with a flute standing on a tree stump. Stand on the opposite tree stump and pull out your Fairy Ocarina. Play Saria’s Song for the Skull Kid and he will befriend you and provide you with a Heart Piece.

Playing Saria’s Song for the Skull Kid in the Lost Woods
Obtaining the Heart Piece from the Skull Kid in the Lost Woods

Kakariko Village Graveyard (5/36)

Enter the Graveyard of Kakariko Village at night to find Dampé the Gravekeeper wandering around the Graveyard. Dampé will offer to dig in any of the spots of your choosing around the Graveyard for the price of 10 rupees.

The Heart Piece seems to wind up in a random location each time so just keep trying until you successfully dig it up.

Asking Dampe to dig in the Grave Digging Tour in Kakariko Village Graveyard
Digging up the Piece of Heart

Kakariko Village Graveyard (6/36)

Play the Sun’s Song once you reach the Graveyard again. You need it to be night time otherwise Navi will prevent you from moving gravestones. Just down from the Royal Family’s Tomb, second one in on the left, is a gravestone you can move to reveal another hole in the ground.

Drop down into the hole to find another Redead. This time you can play the Sun’s Song to freeze it and kill it. Stand where the Redead was originally sitting and play the Sun’s Song again. This will reveal a treasure chest that contains another Heart Piece.

Playing the Sun’s Song in the Graveyard
Obtaining the Piece of Heart in the Kakariko Village Graveyard

Goron City (7/36)

First you must light all of the torches on the lower level of Goron City. You can do this with a Deku Stick and by using the lit torches inside Darunia’s chamber. Successfully lighting all four will cause the large stone pot in the middle of the room to start rotating.

Using the torch to light the unlit torches in Goron City
The large moving pot in the center of Goron City

There is a Bomb Flower planted in one of the stairwells leading to the upper level. Use this Bomb Flower and toss it into the large spinning container in the center of the room. It will rotate around a bunch of times – if it lands with the happy face facing the camera you will get a Piece of Heart.

It should be noted though that obtaining this Heart Piece is much easier later in the game if you have access to regular Bombs as opposed to using the Bomb Flowers.

Throwing a Bomb Flower into the large pot in the center of Goron City
Obtaining the Piece of Heart from Goron City

Death Mountain Crater (8/36)

You can obtain this Heart Piece as young Link however you cannot stay in the Death Mountain Crater for long, so make sure that you are as quick as you can be. Enter the Crater and look for a large boulder surrounded by a bunch of smaller rocks.

Use a Bomb on the boulder to reveal a small hole and then jump into the hole. Grab the treasure chest inside the cave to pick up some free Bombs. You can use this small hole as a pit stop on the way to the Heart (to reset the time limit).

Return to the top and walk towards the north ledge and slowly walk off it. Link will flip over and grab onto the wall. Scale down the wall until you reach a small crevasse (shown in the screenshot below) with a Heart Piece inside and grab it. Climb back up the ledge and jump into the hole. Run out the rest of the way and you are done.

Link entering the cave in the Death Mountain Crater
The Piece of Heart in the Death Mountain Crater

Kakariko Village (9/36)

You can obtain this Heart Piece by accepting a ride from the great owl from the top of Death Mountain. The owl is perched at the top near the entrance to the Death Mountain Crater.

Accept his offer to take you back down the mountain and Link will land on a rooftop on the southern side of town. Drop down onto the wooden rooftop above the Cuccos pen and go through the hole into the house. This will lead you into the cow’s pen inside the house where you can pick up a Heart Piece.

Standing on one of the roofs of Kakariko Village after the owl ride
The Piece of Heart next to the Lon Lon Cow pen in Kakariko Village

Hyrule Field (10/36)

You can obtain another Heart Piece out in Hyrule Field now that you have access to Bombs. Travel to the fenced-in square area of Hyrule Field that leads to Hyrule Lake. For those that have not played the game before, this is the southwestern most section of Hyrule Field.

Place a Bomb in the center of the fenced in square to reveal a hole that Link can drop down into. There is a Deku Scrub in this area that will sell you a Piece of Heart for 10 Rupees.

Secret cave in front of Lake Hylia
Buying the Piece of Heart from the Business Deku in the secret cave near Lake Hylia

Bombchu Bowling Alley (11/36)

You can win a number of interesting prizes at the Bombchu Bowling Alley including a Heart Piece. The Bombchu Bowling Alley rules are straightforward. Aim the Bombchu and release it and the Bombchu will travel in a straight line towards wherever you aim it.

  • The first target you can aim straight for.
  • The second target is straight again but you have to dodge the spikes and the chicken. Make sure both are out of the way before you launch the Bombchu.
  • There is a trick that you can use to hit the third target. Stand on the third black line from the left and aim straight forward. The only caveat is that you have to make sure the large Cucco is out of the way. The indentation in the bowling lane will redirect the Bombchu straight to the target.
The entrance to the Bombchu Bowling Alley in Hyrule Castle Market
Piece of Heart reward from Bombchu Bowling Alley

Zora’s River (12/36)

This Heart Piece is located in the pathway leading up to Zora’s Domain called the Zora’s River. Enter Zora’s River and grab the Cucco wandering around near by and use it to glide over to the opposite shore on the south side of the river (as shown in the screenshot below). Hold on to the Cucco and don’t throw it away once you reach the opposite shore.

Follow the pathway east along the shore and jump across to the north side once you reach the end of the path. You will have to dodge the shots from the Octorok in the water with the Cucco in hand. Follow the pathway north and then west (to the left).

Continue along until you reach the area shown in the screenshot below and then continue eastward with your Cucco. Ignore the Heart Piece for now as you cannot obtain it just yet.

Using the Cucco to get up the Zora River
The ledge Link can fly to along the Zora’s River

Continue east and then toss your Cucco up on to the ledge and climb up. Look southward and then do the same thing – toss the Cucco up on the ledge and then follow it up yourself.

Just south of here is an area where you can peak around the corner to see a small platform on the south side of the cliff (shown in the screenshot below). Use your Cucco to fly down to this ledge and then throw your Cucco away as you won’t need it anymore.

Climb the platform to the top of the cliff to find a large boulder at the top. Grab the second Cucco wandering around on the top of the cliff. First make your way over to the platform with the Gossip Stone on it (the one eyed statue).

You can do this by walking across the narrow pathway or just jumping off the cliff and gliding over with your Cucco. Now glide down to the Heart Piece on the pillar.

The ledge with the Gossip Stone along the Zora’s River
Obtaining the Piece of Heart along the Zora’s River

Zora’s River (13/36)

This Heart Piece is located at the end of Zora’s River just before you enter Zora’s Domain. You need to carry a Cucco all the way to the end of the pathway and then fly across to the ledge to retrieve it.

Jumping across to the platform to grab the Heart Piece in the Zora’s River

Zora’s Domain (14/36)

Within Zora’s Domain there are two torches that start off lit up and those are the two located in King Zora’s Chamber. The first torch to be lit is at the bottom of the stairway leading into the Chamber.

This torch will stay lit once you light it but the next four that you have to light will not. There is one in front of the Zora Shop, one in the pool on the northeast side of Zora’s Domain, and two behind the waterfall. They should be lit in that order.

Running down the stairs that lead to Zora’s Domain

This can actually be fairly difficult to complete due to the distance between the torches and the likelihood of the torch burning out. You can press Button to swing your sword (and but your Deku Stick away) and then relight it near one of the torches along the pathway if needed.

Just note that the torches do not stay lit for long. Successfully light all 4 before any of them go out and a treasure chest will appear behind the waterfall that contains a Piece of Heart. Use the video below to assist you:

Fishing Pond, Lake Hylia (15/36)

Fish for and successfully catch a 10-pound fish at the Fishing Pond to receive a Piece of Heart reward. Aim for the center of the pond where you will find the largest fish.

Young Link entering the Fishing Pond in Lake Hylia
Young Link holding a large fish at the Fishing Pond

Kakariko Village Windmill (16/36)

Travel up to the Windmill and go in through the doorway. There is a Piece of Heart in this room that is actually designed to be obtained later on in the game, but you can obtain it now with your Boomerang.

Stand on the spinning platform and climb on to one of the grey blocks that surround the platform. Aim carefully and use the Boomerang to pull the Piece of Heart Down.

Entering the Windmill in Kakariko Village
Using the Boomerang to obtain the Piece of Heart in the Kakariko Village Windmill

Gerudo Valley (17/36)

Travel to Gerudo Valley (on the west side of Hyrule Field) and grab the Cucco wandering around on the east side of the valley and peer over the edge of the cliff (on the southern side).

A small cliff on the far side of the valley with a box on it will be visible. Use the Cucco to fly over to that platform. Let go of your Cucco (hopefully without losing it – throw it into the cliff) and then roll into the box to reveal a Piece of Heart.

Using the Cucco to jump off the cliff in the Gerudo Valley
The Piece of Heart in the Crate in Gerudo Valley

Gerudo Valley (18/36)

There is another platform that you can reach with the Cucco in Gerudo Valley. Float back down to the ledge with the single box-crate and the look north, on the west side of the shore. There is a large platform that you can reach.

On this bottom ledge you will find a Lon Lon Cow, a Gerudo Guard and a mount of soft soil. Place some bugs in the soil to cause a Gold Skulltula to appear. Plant some Magic Beans in the soil and then head to the north side of the platform.

Ladder behind the waterfall in Gerudo Valley
Piece of Heart behind the waterfall in Gerudo Valley

Kakariko Valley Graveyard (19/36)

[As Adult Link] In order to reach this Piece of Heart you will have to plant Magic Beans in the mound of soft soil on the north side of the Graveyard as young Link. Return as adult Link to find a Magic Bean Plant.

Step on the plant and it will raise Link up enough for him to jump on the far ledge. Roll into the crate on this ledge to reveal a Heart Piece.

Magic Bean Plant in the Kakariko Village Graveyard
Heart Piece at the top of Kakariko Village Graveyard

Kakariko Valley Graveyard (20/36)

[As Adult Link] You can win a Heart Piece by completing Dampé the Gravekeeper’s racing mini-game. Dampé can be found in a hole in the Graveyard of Kakariko Village. You need to obtain a time of under 1:00 during the race to receive the reward.

You can take as many attempts as you’d like and the race route is always the same so you can memorize it in order to help speed up your completion time.

Inside Dampe’s grave during the race
Obtaining the Piece of Heart as a reward from Dampe’s race

Kakariko Village (21/36)

[As Adult Link] Use the Hookshot to reach the roof of the house in the center of town and speak to the man sitting on the roof. He will provide you with a Hear Piece as a memento. You can reach the roof with the Hookshot by standing on the fence directly outside of the doorway to the windmill.

Use the Longshot to get to the roofs of Kakariko Village
Speaking to the man on roof who gives Link a Piece of Heart as a memento

Death Mountain Trail (22/36)

[As Adult Link] Plant a Magic Bean in the mound of soft soil outside of the entrance to the Dodongo’s Cavern. Return to the area as adult Link and use the Magic Bean Plant to elevate Link up to the roof of the Dodongo’s Cavern to obtain the Heart Piece there that is hiding in plain view.

Magic Bean Plant outside of Dodongo’s Cavern
Piece of Heart located above the Dodongo’s Cavern entrance

Zora’s Fountain (23/36)

[As Adult Link] Return to Zora’s Fountain to find a number of ice blocks floating in the water where Lord Jabu-Jabu used to be. Jump across the ice blocks heading eastward until you reach the last ice block which has a Heart Piece sitting on it.

Link in Zora’s Fountain on the ice blocks
Running towards the Piece of Heart on the ice blocks

Lake Hylia (24/36)

[As Adult Link] Use the Magic Bean Plant to reach the top of the Lakeside Laboratory and then climb to the top of the chimney to pick up the Heart Piece. You can also use the Scarecrow’s Song to call Pierre the Scarecrow and then Hookshot to the roof.

Link standing on the Lakeside Laboratory
Climbing to the top of the Lakeside Laboratory to obtain the Piece of Heart

Lakeside Laboratory - Lake Hylia (25/36)

[As Adult Link] You need to have obtained the Golden Scale as a reward from the Fishing Pond. Travel to the Lakeside Laboratory at Lake Hylia and dive all the way to the bottom of the tank.

You can even grab one of the Red Rupees that are down there while you are at it. Speak to the old professor after you have touched the bottom of the tank and he will reward you with a Heart Piece.

Jumping into the pool in the Lakeside Laboratory
Obtaining the Heart Piece by touching the bottom of the pool

House of Skulltula - Kakariko Village (26/36)

Return to the House of Skulltula in Kakariko Village after you have collected 50 or more Gold Skulltula tokens to obtain a Heart Piece. Check out the Gold Skulltula side quest section for more information.

Speaking to the final uncursed family member in the House of Skulltula
Obtaining a Piece of Heart from the House of Skulltula

Frog Songs - Zora’s River (27/36)

Travel to the Zora’s River and look for a little log hanging off into the river. Jump on the log and Link will notice that a number of frogs are staring up at him. Pull out an Ocarina and the frogs will jump up and try to sing along with Link. Play the following songs for them:

- Zelda’s Lullaby
- Epona’s Song
- Saria’s Song
- Sun’s Song
- Song of Storms

4 out of the 5 songs will reward you with a Purple Rupee (50 Rupees) while playing all five will result in the frogs giving you a Heart Piece.

Playing the Song of Storms for the Frogs at Zora’s River
Obtaining a Piece of Heart from the the Frogs in Zora’s River

Frog Fly Catching - Zora’s River (28/36)

Pull out the Ocarina of Time one more time and the frogs will comment on how much bigger they have grown. They will ask you to play your Ocarina to make them jump to catch the bugs above them. The mini-game follows the same order every time. The order is:

You have to do this combination very quickly so be ready. The reward for successfully completing this mini-game is yet another Heart Piece which should result in you obtaining another full Heart Container.

Playing the Frog Fly Catching game at Zora’s River
Obtaining another Piece of Heart

Treasure Box Shop - Hyrule Market (29/36)

Return to Hyrule Market and there is another Heart Piece that you can obtain once you have obtained the Lens of Truth. Make sure that it is night time and then enter the Market. Use the Sun’s Song to speedily change the time of day.

Go through the doorway on the southwest side of the Market to enter the Treasure Box Shop. Speak to the shop owner to initiate the game. Use the Small Key to enter the first room and then use the Lens of Truth to see inside each of the treasure chests. Find the Small Key in each of the subsequent rooms. The treasure chest at the very end contains another Heart Piece.

Using the Lens of Truth to cheat at the Treasure Box Game

Death Mountain Crater (30/36)

Warp to the Death Mountain Crater as Young Link after you have learned the Bolero of Fire from Sheik. There will be a small mound of soft soil right next to the warp location. Plant a Magic Bean in the soft soil and then return to this area as adult Link. Ride the Magic Bean Plant up to one of the small peaks and jump off to pick up the Heart Piece.

Standing on the Magic Bean Plant in the Death Mountain Crater
Piece of Heart inside the Death Mountain Crater

Ice Cavern (31/36)

There is a block of red ice part of the way through the Ice Cavern that can be burned away using Blue Fire. Grab some Blue Fire from the nearby Blue Flame pit in one of your Bottles and use it to melt away the ice.

Link using Blue Fire on the Red Ice in the Ice Cavern
Piece of Heart inside the Ice Cavern

Zora’s Fountain (32/36)

You can obtain this Heart Piece after you have obtained the Iron Boots from the Ice Cavern. Travel to Zora’s Fountain and equip the Iron Boots while you are in the water to sink to the bottom. Walk to the middle of the lake to find the Heart Piece.

Obtaining the Zora Tunic from King Zora
Obtaining the Piece of Heart at the bottom of Zora’s Fountain

Hyrule Field (33/36)

Travel back to Hyrule Field after you have obtained the Iron Boots. Ride Epona over to the river to the west of Hyrule Castle. Just south of that area is a lone tree in the middle of the field.

Plant a Bomb near it to reveal a secret cave. Inside the cave is a large pool of water – use your new Iron Boots to sink down to the bottom and grab the Piece of Heart.

Secret Cave in the center of Hyrule Field
Piece of Heart at the bottom of the water in the cave

Gerudo Valley - Thieves’ Hideout (34/36)

Travel to the Thieves Hideout in Gerudo Valley. You do not need to have completed the Thieves Hideout yet and you do not need to have obtained the Gerudo’s Membership Card.

Travel back to the prison cell and reach the top just above it by going through the Thieves Hideout. Look east to find a large treasure chest on top of one of the roofs. Use the Longshot to reach the chest and open it to obtain the Heart Piece.

Link at the top of the Thieves’ Hidout above the prison cell
Treasure Chest on the top of the Thieves’ Hideout with the Piece of Heart

Gerudo Valley Horseback Archery (35/36)

Head to the east behind the Thieves Hideout in the Gerudo Valley after you have completed the Gerudo Fortress and obtained the Gerudo’s Membership Card. Speak to the Gerudo wearing white under the tent while riding Epona to initiate the Horseback Archery mini-game.

You do not have to control Epona while she runs so focus on hitting the targets. The large pots are worth 100 points and the targets are worth 30 points on the outside, 60 points in the middle and 100 points if you hit them dead center.

The best tactic is to set yourself up and hit all of the pots as you go past the first time. Use the video below to help guide you (note that this video shows an attempt at hitting 1500 points which will get you the Biggest Quiver as a reward):

Obtain 1000 points to receive a Heart Piece as a reward.

Desert Colossus (36/36)

In order to complete the Spirit Temple, you must travel back to this location as young Link. Use the Ocarina of Time and play the Prelude of Light to warp back to the Temple of Time. Place the Master Sword back into the Pedestal of Time.

Play the Requiem of Spirit to return to the Desert Colossus. Travel towards the Spirit Temple entrance to find a mound of soft soil out front. Plant some Magic Beans in the soft soil. Note that this should be the last of your 10 Magic Beans – you should be all done with the planting aspect of the Magic Bean side quest at this point in the game.

Travel back to the Temple of Time and return to the Desert Colossus as adult Link to make use of the Magic Bean Plant. Jump onto the Magic Bean Plant and ride it. It will eventually rotate above the stone platform just in front of the entrance to the Spirit Temple.

Jump off as it rotates above the archway and grab the Heart Piece. Note that if you have been following this strategy guide all the way through you should now have all 36 Heart Pieces available in the game (number 36 of 36).

Riding the Magic Bean Plant in the Desert Colossus
Link standing near the last Piece of Heart in the Desert Colossus

That is all 36 of 36 Heart Pieces.