Hyrule, 7 Years Later

The next stage of your adventure begins after young Link transforms into adult Link in the Temple of Time. All of Link’s moves are the same – his attacks, his movements and his items, however, as mentioned by Raaru, many of your old items are no longer usable as adult Link. This includes Deku Sticks, the Fairy Slingshot and the Boomerang. Deku Nuts, Bombs, the Ocarina of Time, Bombchus, Magic Beans, your Bottles and the two Magic Spells (Din’s Fire and Farore’s Wind) are still usable.

Navi speaking to Link after they travel seven years into the future
Sheik speaking to Link about the Master Sword

Sheik mentions that your next destination is Kakariko Village and then back to the Forest, but there are a multitude of side quests that you can complete now that you have access to this new world which are listed below. It should be noted however that many of these side quest items are entirely optional. The only item that you need to continue is the Hookshot which is listed under the Kakariko Village section below – you can then proceed on to the Lost Woods if you wish to skip the other items.

Hyrule Market

Exit the Temple of Time to find Hyrule Castle and Hyrule Market in ruins. The Market will be full of Redead enemies. You can use the Sun’s Song to freeze the Redeads or just dodge them and run past them. If you return to Hyrule Castle Link will find that it has been replaced with Ganon’s Castle.

Exiting the Temple of Time with Death Mountain on fire in the background
Entering the Market seven years into the future

There is nothing further that you can do in this area so exit the Market and head back out to Hyrule Field. Your first destination is the Lon Lon Ranch where you should complete the Epona side quest:

Ride Epona over to the entranceway to Kakariko Village and enter the Village.

Kakariko Village

The first thing that you will notice is that the village has changed quite a bit in the last seven years. A few of the NPCs (non-playable characters) that were previously found in the Hyrule Castle Town have moved out to Kakariko Village.

Enter the Windmill at the back of Kakariko Village to find a new creepy looking character playing a music box on the right side of the room. Pull out your Ocarina of Time while standing in front of him and he will teach Link a new song called the Song of Storms explaining that a young kid came and played that song seven years ago (providing a hint of part of a quest that you will complete later on in the game).

Adult Link entering Kakariko Village Title Screen
Learning the Song of Storms at the Windmill in Kakariko Village

Speak to the woman from the Cucco side quest that you completed to obtain the Bottle early on in the game – she is located on the southern side of Kakariko Village near the Cucco pen. She will provide you with a special type of egg (called a Pocket Egg) that can be used to hatch a Pocket Cucco. She asks that you take a Cucco along with you and allow it to “CUCCOOO” in order to wake someone up. This is the first step in completing the Biggoron’s Sword side quest – though most of the next steps cannot be completed until later on in the game.

Obtaining the Pocket Egg from the woman in Kakariko Village
The house that Talon is hiding in

The Pocket Egg will need to hatch into a Cucco before you can proceed with the next step. You can wait and allow it to hatch naturally by allowing a full day to pass or you can use the Sun’s Song to speed up time and force the egg to hatch quicker. Use the Pocket Cucco to wake up Talon who can be found in the first house near the center of Kakariko Village (shown in the screenshot below).

Targetting Talon sleeping on the bed
Taking the now happy Cucco back to the woman

Take the Pocket Cucco back to the woman who provided it to you – target her and then pull out the Cucco. She will then provide you with “an extremely valuable Cucco” named Cojiro. These are the only steps that you can complete for the Biggoron’s Sword side quest at this point in the game.

Obtaining Cojiro, the blue Cucco

Travel to the Kakariko Village Graveyard. On the northern side of the Graveyard, assuming you planted the Magic Beans in the mound of soft soil as young Link when you traveled here, you should now find a Magic Bean Plant. Step on the plant and it will raise Link up enough for him to jump on the far ledge. Roll into the crate on this ledge to reveal a Heart Piece.

The Magic Bean Plant in the corner of the Kakariko Village Graveyard
The Heart Piece that can be obtained from the Magic Bean Plant

Jump down off the ledge to find a new gravestone that has been added since you last visited as young Link – the one with flowers in front of it closest to the Magic Bean plant / mound of soft soil. Pull the gravestone backwards and jump into the hole. Move forward and you will run into Dampé who is a now a ghost buried in the Graveyard.

Pulling away one of the gravestones in the Graveyard
Meeting up with the ghost of Dampe the Gravedigger

Dampé will speak to you as soon as you approach him. The race is fairly easy to complete – it involves following Dampé through the tunnels as he throws fire traps in your direction. Use Z and R Targeting to help you see around walls as you run forward. Use the video below to help you and note that Dampé always follows the same pathway. You can memorize the path to help you complete the quest. The reward for successful completion is an item that you need in order to proceed with the game: The Hookshot.

You can obtain a Heart Piece if you are able to complete the race again in under 1:00 minute. Once again, the track is always the same, so you can memorize in order to help you complete it faster.

Completing Dampe’s Race
Obtaining the Hookshot as a prize for completing Dampe’s Race

Exit the room to find another smaller room with a large blue stone blocking the pathway. Pull out your Ocarina of Time and play the Song of Time in order to remove the block. This will lead you on a pathway back to the top of the windmill. Note that you can obtain the Heart Piece at the top of the windmill if you did not already obtain it as young Link using your Boomerang earlier in the game.

Link standing in front of a blue Stone of Time
Entering the Windmill from the upper level

Jump onto the fence immediately outside of the Windmill and then use your new Hookshot to obtain another Heart Piece:

Reenter the village at night time or use the Sun’s Song to quickly change it from daytime to nighttime. Climb the stairway near the south side of the House of Skulltula and use your Hookshot to get on to its roof. Then face south and use your Hookshot to get on to the southernmost house. There is a Gold Skulltula attached to the cliff wall at the back of the house. You can use your Hookshot to kill the Gold Skulltula and obtain the token (number 45 of 100).

Reaching the rooftop using the Hookshot
Finding the Gold Skulltula on the back cliff wall

Death Mountain Trail

Return to the Death Mountain Trail and ride the Magic Bean Plant to obtain the next Heart Piece:

Travel to the entrance to Goron City next and use the Magic Bean Plant to make the journey much faster. There is a platform with a circle of rocks outside of the entrance. Play the Song of Storms near the rocks to cause a hole to appear in the middle of them. Inside this cave is a treasure chest which contains a Huge Rupee (worth 200 Rupees).

Secret Cave near the entrance to Goron City
The Huge Rupee in the secret cave near Goron City

Goron City

Go through the entrance into Goron City. There is a Gold Skulltula hanging on the pack of the large platform in the center of the city. Walk along the ropes (the two on the back side) until you can get a good view and a good shot at the Gold Skulltula with the Hookshot (shown in the screenshot below). Use the Hookshot to grab the token as well (number 46 of 100).

Gold Skulltula hanging off the edge of the central platform in Goron City

Hyrule Castle

Return to Hyrule Castle and reenter the area where the castle was once located (which is now Ganon’s Castle). Follow the pathway along until you run underneath an archway. Turn around and you will find a Gold Skulltula on the northern side of the arch. Use your Hookshot to kill it and obtain the token (number 47 of 100).

Gold Skulltula on the archway near Ganon’s Castle

Zora’s River

The next area where you can pick up a few more of the side quest items is along Zora’s River. Right at the entrance to Zora’s River is another circle of stones similar to the one outside of Goron City. Play the Song of Storms on the Ocarina of Time to open up another hole. There are two Business Scrubs in this hole – one will sell you a Green Potion for 40 Rupees. The second will sell you a Red Potion for 40 Rupees.

Potions will be placed into an empty Bottle and consumed later on in the game. The Red Potion restores health and the Green Potion restores magic. Both are fairly useless considering A) That Pink Fairies do a much better job of regenerating health and can revive Link and B) that magic is abundant throughout the game. It is very rare that you will find yourself running out of magic.

Use the Magic Bean Plant near the gate to speedily warp up near the waterfall at the end of Zora’s River. There is a Gold Skulltula on the walls of the pathway leading up to the waterfall that you can obtain. You have to stand on the fence along the river pathway in order to reach it with your Hookshot but it can be reached (number 48 of 100).

Standing on the fence to reach the Gold Skulltula in Zora’s River
Aiming the Hookshot at the treeline in Zora’s River

Head back down the river to the high-up area with the two caves on it (shown in the screenshot below). It should be mentioned that Link is now tall enough to stand up in the river making traveling up and down it much easier (and removing the requirement to obtain a Cucco to reach the ledge like when young Link attempted to reach this area). There is a Gold Skulltula up here that can only be seen at nighttime – use the Sun’s Song to change the time of day if required (number 49 of 100).

Climbing the ladder to the top level of Zora’s River
Gold Skulltula hanging on the left side of the screen

Zora’s Domain / Zora’s Fountain

Head back up the waterfall and use Zelda’s Lullaby near the waterfall to reopen the entrance to Zora’s Domain. Zora’s Domain has now completely frozen over with ice and unfortunately we are not at a point in the game where we can assist the Zoras with this problem. Travel through the King’s Chamber and into Zora’s Fountain.

Link entering the frozen Zora’s Domain
Link inside the Zora’s Domain on the ice blocks

Lord Jabu-Jabu is no longer in the Zora’s Fountain. In his place are a number of ice blocks floating in the water. Jump along the blocks headed eastward to find a Heart Piece at the end of the pathway that you can reach (number 23 of 36). The next destination is Lake Hylia and unfortunately, because the water inside Zora’s Domain is frozen, you won’t be able to use the shortcut at the bottom of pool of water. Travel there on foot.

Jumping across the blocks of ice in Zora’s Fountain
Picking up the Heart Piece

Lake Hylia

Return to Lake Hylia to pick up another Piece of Heart:

Stand near the Scarecrow on the west shore and pull out your Ocarina of Time. Play the song that you played for the Scarecrow when you ran into him as young Link. This will allow you to play the Scarecrow’s Song around Hyrule to cause Scarecrows to appear in specific locations. Link’s Hookshot can be used on a Scarecrow to help him get to difficult to reach areas. The first place that you can use the Scarecrow’s Song to call Pierre the Scarecrow is the top of Lakeside Laboratory, though you already have the Heart Piece from up there.

Travel to the Fishing Hole by using the Magic Bean Plant. The mechanics for fishing are the exact same as the previous time Link visited when he was young, but check out the Fishing Pond side quest for more tips and tricks for fishing if required. The reward for catching a 15 pound fish is a Golden Scale which will allow Link to dive deeper. Make sure fish right before the sun rises to increase your chances of finding bigger fish.

You can now use the Golden Scale to obtain another Heart Piece:

Gerudo Valley

Travel form the Lake to Gerudo Valley on Epona. The bridge from one side of the ravine to the other is currently broken, but you can actually use Epona to get across. Run as quickly as you can as you approach the bridge.

Entering Gerudo Valley while riding Epona the Horse
Jumping across the broken bridge in Gerudo Valley on Epona

There is a Gold Skulltula that appears on the pillar on the left side of the screen but only at night time. Use the Sun’s Song if you need to and then use the Hookshot to retrieve the token (number 50 of 100). There is another attached to the cliff behind the tent nearby (number 51 of 100).

The Gold Skulltula hiding on the back of the rock pillar
Gold Skulltula behind the tent in Gerudo Valley

You have now obtained enough Gold Skulltula tokens to obtain the next reward from the cursed family at the House of Skulltula:

There is another Gold Skulltula that you can obtain inside the Dodongo’s Cavern now that you have met up with the Scarecrow. It involves using the Scarecrow’s Song to summon Pierre the Scarecrow.

Dodongo’s Cavern – Death Mountain

Enter the Cavern and the large main entry room. Take the doorway on the right side that leads to the hallway with the Baby Dodongos. Navi will wander off to a platform up above as you walk through the hallway – she’s pointing at the spot where Pierre is hiding. Play the Scarecrow’s Song to make him appear and then use your Hookshot to reach the ledge. Kill the Gold Skulltula to obtain your next token (number 52 of 100).

Playing the Scarecrow’s Song in the Dodongo’s Cavern
Picking up the last Gold Skulltula token in the Dodongo’s Cavern

You’re now done with all of the side quest work! It’s time to move forward to the next dungeon – start by heading to the Kokiri Forest.