Temple of Time

The next destination is to head back to Hyrule Castle to meet up with Princess Zelda now that you have all three of the Spiritual Stones. Before that though there are quite a few side quests that you can take care of. Many of which are Gold Skulltula that you can reach at a distance now with the Boomerang. This guide will also take you through each of the Magic Bean locations which you should activate before proceeding to the Temple of Time (part of the Magic Bean Plant side quest).

The first Gold Skulltula is located in Zora’s Fountain though it will need to be night time. Use the Sun’s Song to switch from day to night if you need to. Go back up on to the log that Link and Princess Ruto were standing on when they transported out of the last dungeon. Across from the log on the west side of the rocks of the Fountain there is another Gold Skulltula to kill (number 34 of 100).

Princess Ruto approaching Link in the waters of Zora’s Fountain
Retrieving the Gold Skulltula token from the wall of Zora’s Fountain

The next area that you need to travel to is the Kokiri Forest. You can travel there quickly by saving your game and hitting the reset button. You can also find a shortcut to the Lost Woods just outside of Zora’s Domain near the waterfall along Zora’s River.

Kokiri Forest

Find the small mound of soil next to the shop and plant a Magic Bean in this location. Reenter the Lost Woods to find two more spots to plant the beans. The first one can be found by taking a left followed by another left past the Skull Kid.

Magic Bean Plant near the Kokiri Forest Shop
Magic Bean Plant in the Lost Woods near the entrance to Kokiri Forest

The second can be found a good way into the Lost Woods. Take a right, a left, a right, a left and then another left to find the open area with the two Deku Scrubs that attack you. The soil is just behind the Deku Scrub.

Magic Bean Plant in the Lost Woods near the Business Scrubs

Inside the Great Deku Tree

The first Gold Skulltula to obtain is located in the first dungeon inside the Great Deku Tree. Return to the tree and use Farore’s Wind at the entrance in order to create a warp point to return to.

Farore’s Wind in the Great Deku Tree

Drop down to the lower level - B1 on the Dungeon Map. The room that you are headed to is the room in the upper left corner. Climb the block and climb through the small passageway. There is a blocked passageway in the northwest corner of the room that you can use a Bomb on. Destroy the wall and then kill the regular Skulltula on the far side of the room. The Gold Skulltula is on the southern wall and you will need to use the Boomerang to obtain it (number 35 of 100). Use Farore’s Wind again to return to the entrance of the dungeon.

Climbing the block in the basement of the Inside of the Deku Tree
Retrieving the next Gold Skulltula Token at the bottom of the Great Deku Tree

Hyrule Field

There is a tree between the walls of Hyrule Castle and the entrance to Kakariko Village. Use the screenshot below to help you find it. Use a bomb to reveal a secret cave. There is a Gold Skulltula in the cave that you can now reach with the Boomerang (number 36 of 100).

Hidden cave near the side of Hyrule Castle
Gold Skulltula token inside the hidden cave

Kakariko Graveyard

Travel to Kakariko Village Graveyard at nighttime. There is another Gold Skulltula (number 37 of 100) on the southern wall that you can now obtain with the Boomerang. You should also take this opportunity to place a Magic Bean in the mound of soft soil in the Graveyard.

Travel up to the Windmill and go in through the doorway. There is a Piece of Heart in this room that is actually designed to be obtained later on in the game, but you can obtain it now with your Boomerang. Stand on the spinning platform and climb on to one of the grey blocks that surround the platform. Aim carefully and use the Boomerang to pull the Piece of Heart Down.

Link inside the Windmill in Kakariko Village
Grabbing the Heart Piece in the Windmill with the Boomerang

Note: You can also swing by the House of Skulltula to pick up your next reward if you have picked up all of the available Gold Skulltulas up to this point. The next reward is a Giant’s Wallet.

Death Mountain / Dodongo’s Cavern

Travel up the Death Mountain Trail until you reach the entrance to the Dodongo’s Cavern. Plant some Magic Beans in the mound of soft soil near the entrance and then go inside the Dodongo’s Cavern. Take the platform that raises up to the second floor of the dungeon and proceed into the room on the east side. Drop down into the lower area and take the exit up the ladder on the southwest side of the room. Follow the pathway back through the main room of the dungeon and across.

Entrance to the Dodongo’s Cavern with the Magic Bean Plant
Climbing the ladder in the Dodongo’s Cavern near the Armos

You should find yourself back in a room with some statues that you can destroy and switch that you need to press. Press the switch and proceed into the next room. This will lead you into the room with the large set of stairs that you lowered by lighting all of the Bomb Flowers at the same time. Follow the pathway around on the left side to find some vines attached to the stairs that you can climb. There is a Gold Skulltula that you can reach and kill now that you have the Boomerang (number 38 of 100). Exit the dungeon and head to the next destination which is the Lon Lon Ranch – just drop down to the lower level of the room to reach the exit easily.

Vines on the side of the stone Bomb Flower stairway
The secret opening with the Gold Skulltula token at the top of the steps

Lon Lon Ranch

Enter the Ranch at night and search for a Gold Skulltula hanging from the lit window of the house. Use the Boomerang to retrieve the token (number 39 of 100). Travel out to the silo to find another Gold Skulltula attached to the trees off to the right side (number 40 of 100).

Gold Skulltula hiding on the house at Lon Lon Ranch at night
Gold Skulltula on the treeline at the back of Lon Lon Ranch

Exit the Ranch and you can now complete the final portion of the Happy Mask side quest – click on the link below for more information:

Travel towards the west side of Hyrule Field before you venture back towards Hyrule Castle towards Gerudo Valley. Before you enter Gerudo Valley, search for a circle of stones just northeast of the entrance. Place a Bomb in the center of the circle to reveal a secret hole that leads into a cave below. Use the Din’s Fire spell to remove all of the spider webs in the area. In behind the Lon Lon Cow is a Gold Skulltula on the back wall. Use your Boomerang to retrieve the token (number 41 of 100).

Using a Bomb on the circle of rocks outside of the Gerudo Valley
Lon Lon Cow next to a Gold Skulltula

Gerudo Valley

You can’t do too much in Gerudo Valley at this point primarily because the Gerudo Fortress, which makes up most of the map, is off limits. The guards posted out front will not let you pass by the gates. Enter the Gerudo Valley at night time and search near the waterfall at the entrance to find another Gold Skulltula. Use your Boomerang to retrieve the token (number 42 of 100).

Gerudo Valley Title Screen
Gold Skulltula on the waterfall at the entrance to Gerudo Valley

Note: Pick up some bugs from under the rocks in Gerudo Valley if you do not have any in your Bottles.

Grab the Cucco wandering around on the east side of the valley and peer over the edge of the cliff (on the southern side). A small cliff on the far side of the valley with a box on it will be visible. Use the Cucco to fly over to that platform. Let go of your Cucco (hopefully without losing it – throw it into the cliff) and then roll into the box to reveal a Piece of Heart. Your Cucco will likely take off while you grab the Piece of Heart so jump off the platform into the river and follow it out to Lake Hylia. We are not done in the Gerudo Valley though.

Link with a Cucco approaching the edge of the cliff
Flying down to a ledge with a crate that contains a Heart Piece

There is another platform that you can reach with the Cucco. Float back down to the ledge with the single box-crate and the look north, on the west side of the shore. There is a large platform that you can reach. On this bottom ledge you will find a Lon Lon Cow, a Gerudo Guard and a mount of soft soil. Place some bugs in the soil to cause a Gold Skulltula to appear (number 43 of 100). Plant some Magic Beans in the soil and then head to the north side of the platform.

Using the Cucco for a second time to fly down the cliff
Planting a bug in the mound of soft soil to reveal a Gold Skulltula

There is a ladder located behind the waterfall that you can reach. Jump off of the northern side of the platform into the water and then climb the ladder. The ladder leads to a small cutout that contains another Piece of Heart. Purposefully follow the river out to Lake Hylia.

Ladder behind the waterfall that leads to a Heart Piece
Swimming down the river to Lake Hylia

Lake Hylia

Search the southern section of the Lakeside Laboratory (by standing on the bridge) to find another Gold Skulltula clinging to the wall (number 44 of 100).

Make your way towards Hyrule Castle and a cutscene will begin as you approach. Note that you may have already initiated this cutscene if you already went to Hyrule Castle and this will not cause any problems. The scene involves Princess Zelda and Impa making a hasty escape from the Castle with Ganondorf in pursuit. Jump into the moat once the scene ends to retrieve the Ocarina of Time that Zelda threw in Link’s direction.

Link approaching Hyrule Castle
Princess Zelda escaping with Impa from the castle on horseback

The game will cut to another scene where Princess Zelda will teach link a new melody called the Song of Time.

Obtaining the Ocarina of Time from the Hyrule Castle moat
Princess Zelda teaching Link the Song of Time in a dream

Travel to the Happy Mask Shop first if you spoke to the Running Man and completed the Happy Mask side quest. Click on the link for more information:

You can now proceed to the Temple of Time, but before you do, make sure that you have completed everything that you can up until this point. You should have:

- 18 out of 36 Heart Pieces obtained
- 44 out of 100 Gold Skulltula tokens obtained
- 8 out of 10 of the Magic Beans planted
- 3 out of 4 Bottles obtained
- The Happy Mask Shop side quest completed
- Visited the first 3 Great Fairy’s Fountains (Sword Technique, Din’s Fire and Farore’s Wind)

Revisit any of the side quest pages listed above if you need help completing any of the listed items. Once you are ready to go, proceed to the Temple of Time which is located to the right of the Happy Mask Shop in Hyrule Market.

The four Gossip Stones sitting in front of the Temple of Time
The Temple of Time from outside

Temple of Time

Walk up to the red carpet in front of the pedestal and the inscription provides a clue on what to do next: “Ye who owns 3 Spiritual Stones, Stand with the Ocarina of Time, And play the Song of Time”. Pull out the Ocarina of Time and play the Song of Time as instructed and the three Spiritual Stones will appear. The doorway at the back of the Temple will open up allowing Link to enter.

Temple of Time title screen
Link playin the Song of Time on the Ocarina of Time in the Temple of Time

Enter the back of the Temple and Navi will point out that the Master Sword is inserted in the stone in the center of the room. Walk up to the Master Sword and pull it out of the pedestal to initiate another cutscene.

Link standing in front of the three Spiritual Stones at the altar of the Temple of Time
Navi flying around the Master Sword in the Pedestal of Time

Link will be transformed into an adult after remaining trapped in the Temple of Time for 7 years. Breaking the seal on the Master Sword also allowed Ganondorf to enter the Sacred Realm and become the King of Evil, which means that many of the places you visited previously will have changed. Attempt to exit the Temple of Time and you will be interrupted by Sheik. Sheik will tell you that the first place you should visit is the Forest Temple, but there are a number of things that you can do now as adult link. Check out the next page for more information.

Link, Seven Years Later
Sheik introducing himself/herself