Heading Back to Kakariko Village

Lake Hylia

Lake Hylia is finally full of water again…

Sheik commenting on the status of Lake Hylia
Lake Hylia cinematic with it full of water

Link and Sheik looking over Lake Hylia
Link looking on at Lake Hylia

The next destination is Kakariko Village, but as always, there are a number of side quests that you can complete before you head there. For starters, use the Longshot to propel Link up to the top of the tree on the island.

Aim inwards so that Link lands on the branch. Make sure that it is night time (which you can change by playing the Sun’s Song) and then obtain the Gold Skulltula at the top of the tree (number 83 of 100).

Aiming the Longshot up at the tree in the center of Lake Hylia
Standing in the tree in Lake Hylia obtaining a Gold Skulltua

Fire Arrows
Use the Sun’s Song to change the time to morning. Stand on the brown platform near the Lake Hylia warp point and aim your Fairy Bow over the island off in the distance and towards the sun. Shoot an arrow at the sun as it comes over the tree line.

This will cause the Fire Arrow to drop down onto the island. You can now swim over to obtain them (or use the Scarecrow’s Song if you have not completed the Water Temple but do have the Longshot).

Aiming an arrow up at the Sun as it rises over the island in the center of Lake Hylia
Fire Arrows dropping from the Sun

Fire Arrows can be used in place of torches to light things on fire with ease. You can also use it to replace Longshot at times in the game but, as mentioned above, you do not need to obtain the Fire Arrows to complete the game.

Link looking on at the island in the center of Lake Hylia
Picking up the Fire Arrows

Kakariko Village

Return to Kakariko Village to find that the village is on fire. Link will find Sheik standing near the well and a short cinematic will take place involving an invisible enemy.

Sheik will then teach link the melody that he can use to reach the next temple – the Shadow Temple. The melody is called the Nocturne of Shadow.

It is at this point in the game where you now need to have completed the Bottom of the Well mini-dungeon as young Link (which can actually be completed any time after you complete the Forest Temple).

Return to the Temple of Time and become young Link and then head to the Bottom of the Well section of this guide. Just remember that once you have completed it you need to return to this “Returning to Kakariko Village” page of the strategy guide.

Sheik teaching the Nocturne of Shadow to Link
Link in the center of Kakariko Village after the fire cinematic

You also need to have Din’s Fire which you can obtain as young Link. Check out the Great Fairy’s Fountains side quest page for more information if you missed it.

The Shadow Temple is located in the Kakariko Village Graveyard. You can see it if you travel there but this is actually the first dungeon that you are required to warp to in order to reach it, so play the Nocturne of Shadow.

Link warping to the Kakariko Village Graveyard warp point, the entrance to the Shadow Temple
The entrance to the Shadow Temple with the unlit torches

Head down into the lower passageway and stand on the platform amongst all of the unlit torches. Use Din’s Fire to light all of the torches at the same time and the doorway leading into the Shadow Temple will open up. Walk inside to get started…

Using Din’s Fire in the center of the unlit torches at the entrance to the Shadow Temple
Link preparing to enter the Shadow Temple