It is time for the final showdown against Ganon. Everything has lead up to this!

Link taken aback by Ganon
Ganon showing off the Triforce of Power

After you walk up to the pile of rubble and are surrounded by the wall of flames, Ganondorf will show himself and transform into his true form, Ganon.

Ganon appearing
The final battle against Ganon

You will lose your Master Sword at the outset of the fight as it gets knocked outside of the wall of flame. But there are few different strategies that you can use to defeat Ganon. You can hit him with Light Arrows to stun him and then either use the Megaton Hammer or the Biggoron’s Sword to strike at Ganon’s tail once exposed.

Link battling Ganon
Link attacking Ganon’s tail

You can restock on magic and arrows by luring Ganon over to the piles of rubble (similar to the fights against the Iron Knuckles). The Longshot, while not ideal, also works for stunning Ganon.

Hitting Ganon with a Light Arrow
Zelda calling Link over to grab the Master Sword

The wall of flame will disappear after you hit Ganon enough times allowing you to obtain the Master Sword again (Princess Zelda will warn you when you can retrieve it). Make sure that you equip the Master Sword as you need to use it to deliver the final blow to Ganon!

Link picking up the Master Sword
Link attacking Ganon

Congratulations, you have completed the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time!

Zelda using her powers to hold Ganon
Link looking at the Master Sword

Zelda using her Magic Power
Link delivering the final blow to Ganon at the end of Ocarina of Time

A few of the images from the cinematic are included below:

The Six Sages in the Chamber of Sages
Ganondorf cursing Link at the end of the game

Link and Princess Zelda speaking at the end of the game
Link and Princess Zelda speaking at the end of the game

The Master Sword in the Pedestal of Time with the Presented by Nintendo Logo
The End screen of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

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