Kakariko Village

Kakariko Village is located at the base of Death Mountain. Impa points you in the proper direction when she escorts you out of Hyrule Castle. You can find the pathway leading to the village in the northeast section of the map (shown in the screenshot below).

Facing the entrance to Kakariko Village in Hyrule Field
Kakariko Village Title Screen

There are a couple of side quests that you can take care of again. Start off by making a trip to the House of Skulltula as you should currently have over 10 Gold Skulltulas and then obtain your next Bottle:

Re-enter Kakariko Village at night time if you have any interest in doing some Gold Skulltula hunting. Start off by rolling into the large pine tree at the center of the town. Just ignore the “disgusting man” sitting in front of it (number 12 of 100). There is another Gold Skulltula inside the house that is under construction – just be careful not to get too close to it before you kill it (number 13 of 100).

Gold Skulltula hiding in the pine tree at the entrance to Kakariko Village (at night)
Rolling into the crate in Kakariko Village at night for another Gold Skulltula

There’s another Gold Skulltula hanging onto the wall of the House of Skulltula as well (number 14 of 100). There is a fourth Gold Skulltula one attached to the house near the pathway leading up to Death Mountain on the north side of the town (number 15 of 100).

Third Gold Skulltula in Kakariko Village on the under construction house
Another Gold Skulltula in Kakariko Village near the Death Valley Trail

There is one more Gold Skulltula is hanging off the ladder leading up the large tower in the center of town. You will have to use your Fairy Slingshot to knock it down before climbing the ladder to retrieve the token (number 16 of 100). There are also a few things that you can do in the Graveyard which is located in the southeastern section of town.

Gold Skulltula at the top of the tower in Kakariko Village


The sign at the entrance to the Graveyard reveals some information about the man wandering around the Graveyard. His name is Dampé the Gravekeeper and he offers a Heart-Pounding Gravedigging Tour! Speak to Dampé and he will offer to dig where he is standing – if he is standing in the correct spot, you can pick up some nice treasure.

Note that there is a Gold Skulltula atop one of the walls on the south side of the Graveyard – unfortunately you cannot reach that one yet so you have to ignore it for now. There is another mount of soft soil located in the northwest corner of the Graveyard. Use one of the bugs from a bottle on this mount to reveal another Gold Skulltula (number 17 of 100).

Gold Skulltula from the mound of soft soil in the Kakariko Village Graveyard

Find a gravestone on the lower level that has flowers growing in front of it. Pull this gravestone back to reveal a hole that you can drop into. There is a treasure chest in this hole that contains a Hylian Shield. This is a good way to save yourself a ton of Rupees from having to purchase one on your own. Equip the Hylian Shield in place of your Kokiri Shield. This shield is so large that young Link has to turtle into it in order to protect himself from damage – as a result, if you need to rebound Deku Nuts back at enemies again (such as Deku Scrubs), you will need to reequip your Deku Shield.

Entering the grave in Kakariko Graveyard
Treasure chest containing a Hylian Shield in the Kakariko Village Graveyard

Stand in front of the large gravestone at the back of the Graveyard – the one with the Triforce on it. Make sure that Link is standing on the Triforce on the ground and then pull out the Fairy Ocarina and play Zelda’s Lullaby. This will cause the gravestone to explode revealing a small hole that Link can jump into.

Playing the Fairy Ocarina in front of the Royal Family’s Tomb
Entering the Royal Family’s Tomb Title Screen

Royal Family’s Tomb

Watch out for the Keese bats hanging from the walls of the tomb. The best way to destroy them is to Z Target them and use your Fairy Slingshot while they are not moving. Destroy all of the Keese and the doorway at the back of the room will open up.

This will be your first encounter with some of the most frightening creatures in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time called Redeads. You can run right past them though rather than killing them.

The room with the Redeads in the Royal Family’s Tomb
Sneaking up to the altar at the back of the Royal Family’s Tomb

Read the writing on the back wall of the last room to find some music notes which will teach Link the Sun’s Song. Playing this song near a Redead will cause them to immediately freeze, making them much easier to deal with. You can also use it to change the time from daytime to nighttime whenever you like.

Writing on the tomb listing the Sun’s Song
Link learning the Sun’s Song in the Royal Family’s Tomb


There is now another Heart Piece that you can obtain in the Graveyard now that you are equipped with the Sun’s Song:

Exit the Graveyard and travel to the northern section of Kakariko Village. Speak to the Guard and provide him with Zelda’s Letter in order to pass by. Note that you have to equip Zelda’s Letter to one of your C Buttons and use it near the guard in order to show it to him. Ignore the guard’s suggestion about equipping a proper shield as you already have the Hylian Shield in your possession.

Link speaking to the Guard and presenting him with the letter from Princess Zelda
The guard opening the gate through to the Death Mountain Trail