The Lost Woods and Sacred Forest Meadow

Impa will help Link escape from Hyrule Castle and will suggest that he head towards Death Mountain and Kakariko Village. The problem though is that when you get up there you will need another Ocarina Song in order to proceed, so we should take care of that as well as some other side quests before we head to Kakariko / Death Mountain.

Link approaching Lon Lon Ranch in the middle of Hyrule Field
Lon Lon Ranch at dusk Title Screen

Talon and Malon have both returned to their home at Lon Lon Ranch which means that there are a number of side quests that have just become available. Travel to Lon Lon Ranch which is located in the center of Hyrule Field and can be entered from the north side (only in the daytime).

Enter the large horse pen to find Malon standing inside with a horse nearby. Speak to Malon and she will introduce you to the horse standing next to her (Epona). Epona will run away but speak to Malon a couple more times and she will offer to teach you a new song for your Fairy Ocarina called Epona’s Song.

Pull out your Fairy Ocarina to learn the song. This song can cause cows to give you milk when they are near by and if you have empty space in your Bottle. It is also part of the side quest to obtain Epona the Horse.

Speaking to Malon in the center of Lon Lon Ranch horse pen
Learning Epona’s Song

There are a couple of Gold Skulltulas that you can pick up while you traveling around Lon Lon Ranch. The first one can be found in a pine tree located to the left once you enter the open field area towards the horse pen. Roll into the tree to knock the Gold Skulltula down (number 7 of 100).

There is one last Gold Skulltula which only appears at night. Exit Lon Lon Ranch back out onto Hyrule Field and wait for nighttime and then reenter the ranch. The Gold Skulltula (number 8 of 100) is hiding on the outside of the horse pen on the sheltered part. There is no more left to do at Lon Lon Ranch so it is time to make your way back to the Kokiri Forest and into the Lost Woods.

Gold Skulltula near the Pine Tree at Lon Lon Ranch
Gold Skulltula at the back of the horse pen at night in Lon Lon Ranch

Lost Woods

There is another Gold Skulltula that you can obtain when you enter the Lost Woods however you do have to go out of your way in order to obtain some bugs. If you’re not interested in a full completion of the game or in obtaining all of the Gold Skulltulas (or coming back to complete this later) you can skip past this. Otherwise, travel back to Hyrule Castle with your new Bottle.

Empty out the Bottle if it is still full of Lon Lon Milk by drinking the contents and then lift up one of the rocks near the pine tree. A few bugs should come scurrying out from under one of the rocks. Use your empty Bottle to scoop one of them up. Now you can travel back to Kokiri Forest to continue the game.

Obtaining a Bug in a Bottle at Hyrule Castle

Once you reach the Kokiri Forest travel in behind the shop and find the square tile with the mound of soft soil sitting on it. Use your Bottle full of bugs on it but be careful to quickly grab one of the bugs that falls out for your jar again.

Using this method, you can ensure that you never run out of bugs. Just select the Bottle again and Link will swipe with it to pick up a bug. Releasing a bug on this particular mount of soil will cause a Gold Skulltula to appear (number 9 of 100).

Placing the Bugs from the Bottle on the mound of soft soil
Obtaining the Gold Skulltula token from the mound of soft soil in Kokiri Village

The entrance to the Lost Woods can be found in the northern section of the Kokiri Forest.

The Lost Woods

This area can be pretty confusing the first time that you enter it, but the goal here is to find your way towards the music and the music will grow louder if you take the proper pathway.

Going through the wrong door will take you right back to the beginning of the Lost Woods. Use the map included below to help you navigate - the starting point is at the bottom:

Map of the Lost Woods

Take a left into the area with the Skull Kid and then take another left from here towards the southern-most section of the Lost Woods shown as area (2) on the map above. There is another mound of soft soil in this area.

Use another bug from your Bottle on this mount of dirt to make another Gold Skulltula appear (number 10 of 100). Don’t forget to bottle up one of the bugs again so that you can use it again!

Entering the southern area of the Lost Woods
Using the Bugs on the mound of soft soil to obtain another Gold Skulltula token

Travel back to the entrance and then take the right pathway, followed by the left pathway. This will lead you to an open area where the owl is sitting. The owl will provide you with a similar explanation to the one provided above about how to navigate through the Lost Woods.

Take a right from where the owl was perched and then a left, followed by another left. This will lead to an open area shown as area (4) on the map above with another Deku Scrub. Defeat this Deku Scrub and then speak to it and it will offer to sell you Deku Nuts for 20 Rupees.

A waste of Rupees to be perfectly honest. There is another mound of soft soil behind him though where you can use your bugs again. This will cause yet another Gold Skulltula to appear (number 11 of 100).

Lost Woods Deku Scrubs
Gold Skulltula using Bugs in the Lost Woods

Exit the open area the way you came and then take a left. There are extra bugs available in the bushes in this area if you didn’t bring any or if you were unable to recapture any of the ones that you let go. Take a left from here and then a right to reach the Sacred Forest Meadow (or use the map above to help you find it).

Sacred Forest Meadow

Approach the gates and a Wolfos enemy will emerge from the ground. Defeat the Wolfos and the locked gate will open. Follow the pathway along but be careful of the Deku Scrubs around each of the corners that are waiting to ambush you. Use your mini-map to help you find your way through the maze.

Entering the Sacred Forest Meadow
Battle against Wolfos in the Sacred Forest Meadow

There are two more Deku Scrubs to defeat once you reach the top of the stairs. Saria can be found sitting on a stump once you reach the end of the Sacred Forest Meadow.

Traveling up the stairs at the back of the Sacred Forest Meadow
Battling two more Deku Scrubs in the Sacred Forest Meadow

Choose to play the Fairy Ocarina with Saria and she will teach you a new song called Saria’s Song. Saria’s Song can be used to speak with Saria at any point in the game. She can sometimes provide you with valuable advice on how to proceed if you are stuck.

That being said, with this strategy guide in your arsenal, you won’t need her assistance. You have now acquired the song that you need in order to proceed to the next steps at Death Mountain. There are a few things you can do before you leave though…

Link entering the Sacred Forest Meadow to meet up with Saria
Saria playing Saria’s Song on her own Fairy Ocarina

Travel back towards the entrance to the Sacred Forest Meadow and you will see a ladder leaned up against the wall of the maze. Climb up the ladder and then go down the ladder on the opposite side into the square area just to the south. There is a hole down here that you can fall into which will take you down into a Fairy’s Fountain.

Ladder on the way out of the Sacred Forest Meadow
Regular Fairy Fountain in the Sacred Forest Meadow

A regular Fairy’s Fountain will be jam packed with pink fairies. You can use the fairies to restore your health by touching them. You can also capture them in a Bottle to use for later.

Rather than use them to refill your health though, the pink fairies will automatically come to your rescue if you run completely out of health, essentially acting as an extra life. Don’t fill your Bottle with a fairy at this point though as you will need the bug that you have for later. Wait until you obtain more Bottles later on in the game.

You have done everything that there is to do in the Sacred Forest Meadow. Exit the Fairy’s Fountain and use the upper pathways to exit the meadow easily. Once you reach the Lost Woods you will run into the owl again.

He will teach you about songs that you can play on the Ocarina. Travel through one of the incorrect pathways (straight ahead or to the right) to easily reach the exit of the Lost Woods. Then turn around and re-enter.

The Lost Woods

There is one last side quest that you should take care of before you leave the area:

With this Heart Piece you should now have picked up 4 pieces in total, meaning that you should have received an extra Heart added to your life bar for a total of five Hearts.

Regular Fairy Fountain in the Sacred Forest Meadow

Your next destination is Kakariko Village. Exit the Kokiri Forest back out to Hyrule Field.