Meeting at the Temple of Time

Before you head to the Temple of Time, there is one side quest which you can now fully complete. Travel to the Zora’s Fountain (where the Ice Cavern is located). One quick way to get there is to warp to the Shadow Temple using the Nocturne of Shadow and then travel up the Zora’s River using the Magic Bean Sprout.

Zora’s Fountain

Travel to the southwest corner of the Fountain and look for a large grey boulder sitting in front of the pathway leading into the Great Fairy’s Fountain. Lift the grey stone out of the way (which you can do now that you have the Silver Gauntlets) and drop down the hole.

Equip and use your Lens of Truth as there are a multitude of Skulltulas hanging from the walls which you will need to defeat or dodge as you head up the pathway.

The southwest corner of the Zora’s Fountain
Hidden passageway under the boulder in the Zora’s Fountain

Climb the ladder at the end of the path and kill the last Skulltula which can be seen without the Lens of Truth. Use the Longshot to kill the last Gold Skulltula and pick up the token (number 100 of 100). You are now completely done the Gold Skulltula side quest! Congratulations!

Traveling down the pathway with the invisible Skulltulas using the Lens of Truth
The final Gold Skulltula in the Zora’s Fountain

Check out the page below if you are actually missing some of the Gold Skulltulas or for more information about the rewards for completing the quest.

Return to the Temple of Time to initiate a cinematic involving Link and Sheik. Sheik will tell you a short story about the three goddesses and the Triforce and then will reveal that he is actually Princess Zelda in disguise.

Enteringn the Temple of Time and meeting up with Shiek
The story about the Triforce

Princess Zelda will tell you that she currently possesses the Triforce of Wisdom, while Ganondorf possesses the Triforce of Power and Link possesses the Triforce of Courage. Princess Zelda will provide Link with the Light Arrows which are needed to defeat Ganondorf.

Sheik revealing that she has been Princess Zelda in disguise the whole time
Link obtaining the Light Arrows from Zelda to defeat Ganondorf

Make your way to Ganon’s Castle.