Ragnarok and Final Preparations (Disc 3)

The entrance to the Sorceress Memorial

The first thing that you should take care of is getting Rinoa back on the team. Fly over to the Esthar Sorceress Memorial. Ragnarok will automatically fly to locations for you as well if you would prefer to make things easier – just press “Select” to bring up the map, select the location you wish to go to and then press X.

Squall resuing Rinoa at the Sorceress Memorial
Squall and Rinoa cinematic
Squall craddling Rinoa’s head

Rescuing Rinoa is as simple as entering the building. Pick her up and continue along with the story. After Rinoa rejoins the team they will hold a discussion about where to go next and they will settle on going to Edea’s House. Bring up the map and have the Ragnarok fly you over automatically.

Selecting to fly to Edea’s House
Squall back at Edea’s House

Follow Angelo off to the left when you reach Edea’s House. It is time for some more lengthy cut scenes and a whole lot of talking.

Make your way over to Esthar to continue the story once more. You can actually land on the roof portion of the Esthar Airstation to save yourself some walking.

Landing at the Esthar Airstation with the Ragnarok
Battle against an Elvoret

Two important notes: You can now encounter monsters while walking around in Esthar. The monsters are easy to defeat though so you do not have to prepare too much. The second important note though is that your party has been rearranged after your last stop at Edea’s House. Switch the party members around again if you wound up with any characters other than your primary team prior to entering Esthar.

Head over to the Presidential Palace either by utilizing the Esthar map (opens in a new window) or by following these instructions:

- Head east into Area (3)
- Go north into Area (2)
- Go north into Area (1)
- Go east into the Presidential Palace

This time you should make your way down the hall towards the room that you previously did not have access to. Tons of story time…

Approaching the Presidential Palace to meet up with Laguna

Alright, so now you have Laguna and your entire team and you are ready to go! There are several side quests that you can take care of and that are highly recommended as you are essentially at the end of the game at this point.

Meeting President Laguna Loire of Esthar

If you head over to the Lunatic Pandora you can continue the game, otherwise you may want to look into completing the following side quests. Click on the side quest for information on how to complete each of them:

Doomtrain GF
If you did not have the materials on you to create Doomtrain when you received the Solomon Ring at Tear’s Point then you should make obtaining Doomtrain your first task.

Squall Card
Challenge Laguna to a game of cards. Laguna can now be found in the passenger area of the Ragnarok.

Jumbo Cactuar GF
Head over to Cactuar Island to pick up your new Guardian Force.

Deep Sea Research Center: Bahamut GF
Venture over to the Deep Sea Research Center to obtain the Bahamut Guardian Force.

Deep Sea Research Center: Fixed Encounters with Tri-Faces
You can utilize a strategy that will let you fight back-to-back encounters against Tri-Faces in order to stock up on Curse Spikes.

Deep Sea Research Center: Ultima Weapon & Eden
Defeat Ultima Weapon and draw the most powerful Guardian Force, Eden, from it during the battle. You can also draw Ultima magic (the most powerful magic in the game) from Ultima during the battle.

PuPu Card
Complete the UFO side quest to obtain the PuPu Card.

Queen of Cards Side Quest
Obtain the Doomtrain Card and the Phoenix Card by completing the Queen of Cards side quest.

Obel Lake Side Quest
Complete the Obel Lake side quest to receive a Three Stars that can be converted into 100 Triple Magic as well as a Luck-J Scroll. The reward for this quest is lackluster at best so feel free to skip it if you would prefer not to waste your time.

Esthar: Fixed encounters against Elnoyles
You can use this trick to stock up on Energy Crystals which are used to refine Ultima magic, the most powerful magic in the game and are also used in the production of many of the most powerful weapons in the game.

Stock up on the best Junctions and Magic
Make sure that each of your characters have all of the best magic including Ultima, Full-Life, Meteor, Meltdown, Holy, Reflect, Triple, Tornado, Double and Aura.

Cactuar Island
Use Cactuar Island to stock up on AP and get all of the abilities for each Guardian Force.