Guardian Forces

Guardian Forces are equipped to a specific character and they give that character a range of abilities and junctions according to which abilities that Guardian Force has learned. Guardian Forces are the “summons" in Final Fantasy VIII and are similar to the Summon Materia found in Final Fantasy VII.

Once you receive each Guardian Force you should ensure that you focus on having it learn its most useful abilities which are outlined in each of the GF profiles below. You can go to Cactuar Island in order to learn Guardian Force abilities much faster.

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Quezacoatl portrait
Shiva portrait
Ifrit portrait
Siren portrait
Brothers portrait
Diablos portrait
Carbuncle portrait
Leviathan portrait
Pandemona portrait
Cerberus portrait
Alexander portrait
Doomtrain portrait
Bahamut portrait
Cactuar portraits
Tonberry GF portrait
Eden portrait