Guardian Forces

The Guardian Force Diablos
Diablos using Dark Messenger

Diablos has one of the most important abilities in the game: Mug. The damage from his attack gets exponentially more effective as Diablos levels up but make sure you learn Mug as soon as possible!

Attack Name: Dark Messenger

Attack Effect: Demi/Gravity based attack

How to obtain Diablos: Headmaster Cid will give you a [Magical Lamp] as you leave for the Forest Owls Mission in Timber (click here to go to that section of the strategy guide). Examine the [Magical Lamp] to begin the battle against Diablos and once you defeat him he will join you as a Guardian Force. Click on the following link for advice on how to defeat Diablos.

List of Abilities:

Ability AP Effect
HP-J 50AP Junctions Magic to HP.
Mag-J * Junctions Magic to Magic.
Hit-J 120AP Junctions Magic to Hit.
Abilityx3 * Allows 3 support Abilities on character.
Magic * Use Magic command in battle.
GF * Use GF command in battle.
Draw * Use Draw command in battle
Item * Use Item command in battle.
Darkside 100AP Use Darkside command in battle.
HP+20% 60AP Raises HP by 20%.
HP+40% 120AP Raises HP by 40%.
HP+80% 240AP Raises HP by 80%.
Mag+20% 60AP Raises Magic by 20%.
Mag+40% 120AP Raises Magic by 40%.
Mug 200AP Attack and steal Items at the same time.
Enc-Half 30AP 50% less random encounters.
End-None 100AP No random encounters.
GFHP+10% 40AP Raises GF HP by 10%.
GFHP+20% 70AP Raises GF HP by 20%.
GFHP+30% 140AP Raises GF HP by 30%.
Time Mag-RF 30AP Refines Time Magic from Items.
ST Mag-RF 30AP Refines Status Ailment Magic from Items

* Ability is already learned when Diablos joins you as a Guardian Force.