Walkthrough: Disc 1

Please note that the following walkthrough sections are full of spoilers. Do not read ahead if this is your first time playing through the game.

1) Balamb Garden
The infirmary, the classroom and exploring Balamb Garden for the first time.

Balamb Garden cinematic

2) The Fire Cavern
Traveling with Quistis to the Fire Cavern to battle against Ifrit.

Quistis and Squall approaching the Fire Cavern

3) Balamb Garden / Balamb Town
Joining up with Zell and Selphie and traveling to Balamb Town.

Zell during his opening cinematic

4) Dollet: The SeeD Examination
Completing the SeeD examination and mission in Dollet to reach the communications tower.

SeeD members approaching Dollet during the SeeD mission

5) Balamb Garden: Following the Exam
The celebration after the SeeD exam and the first meeting with Rinoa and traveling through the Training Center with Quistis.

Rinoa and Squall during the dance scene

6) Laguna Dream: Timber Forest / Deling City
Traveling through the Timber Forest towards Deling City as Laguna, Kiros and Ward.

Laguna, Kiros and Ward in the Timber Forest

7) Timber: Forest Owls Mission
Meeting up with Rinoa and Angelo to complete the Great Train Robbery mission with the Forest Owls and reconvening back at Timber.

The Timber Train Mission cinematic

8) Laguna Dream: Centra Excavation Site
Exploring the Centra Excavation Site as Laguna, Kiros and Ward on the way to Galbadia Garden.

Laguna, Kiros and Ward at the Centra Excavation Site

9) Galbadia Garden
Exploring Galbadia Garden and meeting up with Irvine for the first time.

Galbadia Garden opening cinematic

10) Deling City: Caraway’s Mansion
Traveling to Deling City to meet up with General Caraway, Rinoa’s Father.

Deling City from afar

11) Tomb of the Unknown King
Exploring the Tomb to track down the gun-blade that contains the Soldier’s ID and then battling and obtaining Sacred and Minotaur as Guardian Forces.

The Tomb of the Unknown King

12) Deling City: The Assassination
Reaching the President’s Residence and traveling through the Sewers, completing the assassination attempt and battling against Seifer and Edea.

Edea stopping the bullet during the assassination attempt