Laguna Dream Sequence
Centra Excavation Site

World Map - Timber / Yaulny Canyon

The SeeD team will leave Timber via train and the train will make two stops: one at “East Academy” station and one at “Dollet Station”. As Quistis instructed, our next destination is close to the “East Academy” train station, but there are a few side quests that should be completed before you make your way to Galbadia Garden.

The side quests that you should complete are detailed on the previous page. Use the navigational arrows at the top and bottom of the page to go back one page or click on the following link to return to the Timber: Forest Owls Mission page.

Once you have completed the side quests, travel to the “East Academy” station and look towards the northwest. In order to reach Galbadia Garden you will have to travel through the Yaulny Canyon (forest) shown in the screenshots. As soon as you enter the forest though a cutscene will begin with another Laguna dream sequence.

Squall entering the Yaulny Canyon from the World Map

Yaulny Canyon

You will be joined by the other two party members who are not a part of your group as soon as you enter the forest. Squall, Selphie and Quistis will all pass out while Rinoa and Zell look on helplessly. It’s time for another Laguna Dream Sequence scene.

The team standing in Yaulny Canyon

Laguna Dream Sequence
Centra - Excavation Site

You will be given control of Laguna and his team who are currently in a large, mechanical-looking area called the Centra Excavation Site.

Laguna, Kiros and Ward at the entrance to the Centra Excavation Site

Start off by making sure that Laguna, Kiros and Ward are all properly setup with Guardian Forces and magic junctions. Squall’s junctions will have passed to Laguna, Quistis’ will have moved over to Kiros and Selphie’s will have passed to Ward. If either Quistis or Selphie did not have anything junctioned you will have to do a Junction Exchange to move everything over manually.

Laguna, Kiros and Ward at the entrance ot the Centra Excavation Site

There are a number of tasks that you can complete during your visit to the Centra Excavation Site which will play an important role when Squall and his team revisit the site later on in the game. This guide will point out each of these optional tasks that you can complete and will indicate what affect it has later on in the game.

Go down the pathway and use the Draw Point in front of the fork in the road. The Draw Point contains Sleep magic. Take the pathway leading to the right and use the ladder to climb down to the next level. Run to the end of the catwalk and take a left (there’s no other direction to go yet).

Heading down the pathway of the Centra Excavation Site

Examine the pile of metal tubes on the ground near the bottom right side of the screen and Laguna will find an [Old Key] item. He will then notice that there is a hole in his pocket and will immediately lose the [Old Key] and won’t be able to find it again. Completing this action will reveal a LuvLuvG item later on in the game.

Laguna picking up the Old Key and losing the Old Key

Travel to the left into the next screen and then one more screen over until you find three hatches on the ground that Laguna can walk over. The only one that you can do anything with right now is the one in the middle but it’s important that we activate each of these hatches for the rewards that you can obtain later in the game.

Reaching the room with the hatches in the Centra Excavaction Site

Press the XButton near the latch on the top side of the hatch and choose to “tamper with it” when you’re given that option. Now we have to get to the other side of the middle hatch so that we can activate the one on the left, and we’ll have to take the long way around.

Exit this area by going right and head all the way back up to the first fork in the road (near the Sleep Draw Point).

Playing with the hatches at the Centra Excavation Site

This time take the pathway on the left. The next screen will appear to fork off three different directions; take the pathway in the center and climb the ladder down to the bottom level.

Split pathway near the Sleep Draw Point in the Centra Excavacation Site

Search the pile of rubble on the left side of the screen near the construction barrier and Laguna will find another [Old Key]. Just like with the last key, the clumsy doofus will lose this key as well! Completing this step will reveal an Ultima Draw Point later on in the game (which is very powerful magic!)

Picking up the second Old Key

Head into the next screen and you will find yourself back at the three hatches on the ground. Have Laguna tamper with the latch on the leftmost hatch. Completing this step (and one more step later on) will reveal a Phoenix Pinion item later on when you return as Squall. Now travel all the way back to the hatches again but approaching from the right side (back up the ladder and down the other ladder).

Tampering with the second hatch in the Centra Excavation Site

Have Laguna tamper with the third and final hatch. Completing this step (and one more later on) will reveal a Power Generator item which is a very rare and powerful item.

Battle against an Esthar Soldier in the Centra Excavation Site

Travel to the right two screens, to the area where Laguna found and dropped the first [Old Key] and then travel north into the next screen. Travel north again past the boulder on the ground going one more screen upwards.

Travelling through the Centra Excavation Site

This next area will have a large boulder on the right side and a switch with some fuses lying in the middle of the pathway. You will have the option of pressing the blue switch, the red switch, or doing nothing at all.

Press the red switch first (“furthest boulder”), then the blue switch (“nearest boulder”). Each time you press a switch you will see a short cinematic and the hatches that you tampered with on the left and right side will open.

Finally, walk north up the stairs and into the next screen, run across the platform until you reach the next area.

Choosing whether to press the blue switch, the red switch or forget it

The next screen has a boulder on the left. Have Laguna touch it and it will roll away revealing a Draw Point that contains Cure magic. The next screen has a Save Point which you can use to save your game. Head north one last time to reach the conclusion of this dream sequence.

Travelling through the Centra Excavation Site

You will be thrown into battle against two final Esthar Soldiers. These ones are a little more powerful than the previous ones, and, after you defeat the last one, it will use a move on your party called “Soul Crush”. This will automatically drop Kiros and Ward down to 1 HP.

Laguna, Kiros and Ward will make their final escape using ships outside of the Excavation Site and the game will return to Squall, Selphie, Quistis, Rinoa and Zell back in the forest near Galbadia Garden.

Final battle against two Esthar Soldiers outside the Centra Excavation Site

Timber - Yaulny Canyon

This forested area is called the Yaulny Canyon. You can check to make sure that you are in the right area by pressing the TriangleButton and viewing your location in the bottom left portion of the menu screen.

There are a ton of enemies in this area that are worth battling as they drop some highly coveted items that are important crafting materials for weapons that you will want to create later in the game. Specifically, they drop the following items:

As noted above, some of the items will only drop if you don’t steal from the enemy before you defeat it. This means that you need to remove the Mug command from your characters.

Battle against a Wendigo in the Yaulny Canyon outside of Galbadia

You should obtain several Dragon Fangs as you need at least four to craft Lion Heart, Squall’s ultimate weapon, and you can also refine them into Esuna magic if you need any. Dragon Skins are one of the ingredients to the following weapons: Gauntlet, Ehrgeiz and Red Scorpion.

This is a great place to do some quick leveling up while picking up some great items. Grendels tend to be fairly rare in this area, but you can make sure you encounter them 100% of the time if you hug the canyon wall closest to Galbadia Garden. If you’re in the forest and touching that wall you will automatically fight a guaranteed Grendel!

Battle against a Grendel in the Yaulny Canyon outside of Galbadia

Finally, you can also find an enemy called a Thrustaevis in the areas around Galbadia Garden. Thrustaevis enemies drop Windmills which are required to craft Rinoa’s most powerful weapon, the Shooting Star.

Travel to Galbadia Garden once you’ve picked up all of the items that you need.