Laguna Dream Sequence (Disc 1)

Centra - Excavation Site

Time for another cut scene with our good pals, Laguna, Kiros and Ward. Make your way down the path until you reach the draw point for some free Sleep magic. Continue down the path and the team will be ambushed by some Esthar soldiers. They are incredibly easy to kill.

Transition to the Laguna Dream Sequence in the forest
Laguna, Kiros and Ward in the Centra Excavation Site

Proceed down the straight pathway (do not veer off to the top portion of the screen). You’ll come up to another fork in the road with 3 different ways to go – choose the middle road and follow it all the way to the ladder and take the ladder down. Press X near the glowing sign (as shown in the screenshot) to find an [Old Key]. Laguna will drop the key through his back pocket – but that’s expected; this step is still necessary (for effects later in the game). Continue along the trail you will come to a room with 3 hatches on the floor. Flip the switch on the second hatch.

Battle against Esthar Soldiers involving Laguna, Kiros and Ward
Picking up items in Centra with Laguna, Kiros and Ward

Continue to follow the trail along. Press X near the big set of metal rings and support beams to find another [Old Key]. Laguna will lose this key as well. Continue along going north (towards the top of your screen) until you reach a switch lying in the middle of the ground. The detonator switch has a red detonator and a blue detonator. Press the red switch first for the furthest away boulder, then press the blue switch for the closest boulder. After Laguna, Kiros and Ward come back down the stairs to discuss the blast, take them back up the stairs again and across the pathway.

Tampering with a switch on the ground in the Centra Ruins
Traveling through the Centra Ruins

Keep progressing until you get to the room with the boulder in the middle of the path. If you touch it you will reveal a Cure draw point. You will find a save point in the next screen. Head north up to the top of the stairs towards the cliff – as you approach it you will be discovered by a few more Esthar Guards. The last move performed by an Esthar Guard (called Soul Crush) will put Kiros and Ward at 1 HP and it is the last move that will be performed before the Guard dies. Just remember that Quistis and Selphie are both still at 1 HP because of this so make sure you heal them up before any battles.

Dodging a boulder in the Centra Excavation Site
Galbadia Garden from the World Map

Once you get out of the forest you will find Galbadia Garden to your immediate left.