Galbadia Garden

If you are standing outside of Galbadian Garden and have not entered the Garden yet, and have just joined the strategy guide at this point in the game, you may wish to consider returning to the previous page in order to obtain some important items in Yaulny Canyon.

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More specifically, make sure that you’ve stocked up on:

Entering Galbadia

A short cinematic will play when you enter Galbadia Garden for the first time.

Galbadia Garden opening cinematic

Walk up towards the entrance when you regain control of your characters.

Entrance to Galbadia Garden

Front Gate

A short bit of dialogue will occur when your team reaches the front turnstiles. Quistis will ask you to “leave this one up to her” and she will head off by herself to meet up with the headmaster of Galbadia Garden. You will have to replace her in your party if she was one of your active party members.

Entrance gate to Galbadia Garden with Quistis leaving the party

Main Hall

Head into the center of Galbadia Garden. There is a Save Point near the entrance which you can use to save your game. Search the very center of the main hall to find a Draw Point that contains Haste magic (as shown in the screenshot below).

Using the Haste Draw Point in the center of Galbadia Garden

As soon as you enter this area an announcement will occur over the intercom instructing you to “please wait in the [2F reception room]”. Take the exit on the northwest side of the hall and then take the stairs to the second level. Enter the doorway on the south (bottom) side of the hall to reach the reception area.

Travelling through the halls of Galbadia Garden

2F Reception Room

Talk to each of your party members in the reception room. Eventually Quistis will enter the room and Squall will ask her how it went. She will then tell the concerned group that the attack on the President in Timber is being considered an independent action and that Balamb Garden will not be held responsible.

There’s quite a bit of additional dialogue that takes place in the reception room. Continue talking to each of your party members when you regain control of Squall until Squall leaves the reception area in a fit of rage.

The waiting room on the second floor of Galbadia Garden

Main Hall

Head back towards the front entrance and Squall will be ambushed by Raijin and Fujin. They will claim that they know Seifer is still alive before leaving the area. Continue making your way towards the front of the garden.

Raijin and Fujin confronting Squall in the hall of Galbadia Garden

Front Gate

Talk to Rinoa and some more dialogue and a cutscene will take place. The SeeD team will be given their next set of orders from Headmaster Martine. You will now be joined by your sixth and final party member: Irvine Kinneas.

Irvine Kinneas tends to be a fairly popular party member to include - you can learn more about each of the characters, including Irvine, by clicking on the link below:

You should also consider checking out the “Best Party” section if you would like to know more information about the optimal party setup.

Keep in mind that you can successfully complete the game using any of the party members you like, but feel free to read the following section if you would like to optimize your play as much as possible:

Irvine will attempt to split up the party so that he ends up with Selphie and Rinoa. Such a horn dog! Choose your party members and make sure to complete a junction exchange if you need to.

Exiting Galbadia Garden and showing up back on the World Map

Make your way to the train station which is just a few steps away from Galbadia Garden. Choose to pay the 3,000 gil to board the train. There’s a bit more dialogue with your new party member, Irvine, that you’ll have to endure before the train will continue on its tracks to the city of Deling.

Arriving at the train station before heading out to Deling City