Galbadia Garden (Disc 1)

Note that before you make your way to Galbadia Garden you can now fight enemies in the forest where that cut-scene just took place. This forest, identified as Yaulny Canyon, contains Wendigos, Anacondaurs and Grendels. All of these monsters drop very useful items including [Dragon Fang]s, [Dragon Skin]s and Dragon Fins, all of which will be needed to create some of the higher level weapons later on in the game. Encountering a Grendel is fairly difficult, however if you hug the canyon wall closest to Galbadia Garden while remaining in the forest you will pretty much run into a Grendel every single time.

You should also take some time to fight some Thrustaevis monsters around the Galbadia area to stock up on Windmills. Windmills can be converted into Tornado magic which is one of the most powerful magics in the game. You’ll also need 2 Windmills in order to obtain Rinoa’s most powerful weapon, Shooting Star.

Galbadia Garden cinematic
At the entrance to Galbadia Garden

Inside Galbadia

Walk into the main entry way of Galbadia Garden. Quistis will head off to do her own thing, so in the meantime you will have to find a replacement party member for her. In the very center of Galbadia Garden you will find a draw point for Haste magic. It can be a little bit difficult to see…

Drawing from a Haste draw point in the middle of Galbadia Garden

Make your way up to the second floor by traveling to the northwest area from where the save point and Haste draw point are. Once you find the set of stairs in that hallway enter through the first door you see at the bottom of your screen.

Speaking to Raijin and Fujin inside Galbadia Garden
At the exit to Galbadia Garden

Speak to each of you team members in the Reception Room and then Quistis will enter. Take Squall and attempt to leave once you regain control over him outside of the Reception Room. This will trigger a short cut-scene with Raijin and Fujin. Make your way to the front of Galbadia to meet your newest team member, Irvine Kinneas.

Irvine during his introductory cinematic