Deling City (Disc 1)

Hop off the train and take the escalator up into the city proper. Head back to the Galbadia Hotel where Laguna went to meet up with Julia and stay for the night. When you wake up in the morning you will find an issue of [Timber Maniacs] lying in between the two beds.

The entrance to Deling City
The train station of Deling City
Squall and Quistis in the hotel room of Deling City

Queen of Cards Side Quest (Optional)

Playing cards against the man in black in Deling City

If you have been following along with the Queen of Cards side quest so far, meaning you have completed this portion in Balamb and this portion when you could go back to Dollet, then you are set. You can now pick up the Kiros Card.

Walk down the street (to the south) once you leave the hotel. The next screen should contain the weapon shop on the right hand side of the street and there should be a man in black standing across the street from the shops. He holds the Kiros Card.

Using Quetzalcoatl’s Card Mod ability on the Kiros Card will net you 3 Accelerators which grants a GF the Auto-Haste ability. Haste allows your characters turns to come up much faster than normal and is a great move to have. Remember, you can regain and refined rare cards later on in the game as long as you complete the CC-Group side quest. More information about the CC-Group is available in the CC-Group side quest section, though you can worry about completing this side quest later on in the game as most portions of that side quest cannot be completed until later.

The entrance to Caraway’s mansion can be seen in the screenshot to the right. Speak to the guard in order to gain access. The guard will inform you that you’ll have to travel to the Tomb of the Unknown King before you’ll be granted an audience as you first need to recover a pass code. The guard will also escort you out of town if asked, which is very convenient. Once he takes you to the outskirts of town head out to the main map and you are on your way.

Looking towards the Tomb of the Unknown King from Deling City on the World Map
The street outside Caraway’s Mansion in Deling City

The Tomb of the Unknown King is located northeast of Deling City out on the peninsula. It looks like a little cave attached to a piece of forest at the very tip towards the sea.