Tomb of the Unknown King (Disc 1)

The Tomb of the Unknown King is located out on the peninsula northeast of Deling City.

Looking towards the Tomb of the Unknown King from Deling City on the World Map
The entrance to the Tomb of the Unknown King

Draw from the draw point, save and then enter the tomb. The orientation for this tomb can get slightly confusing, but don’t ask for any help or ask to be taken out of the tomb. All of these actions will reduce the points you gain towards your next SeeD rank.

Make your way forward a few rooms until you see the gun-blade on the ground and retrieve the number off of it. The number given to you is different every time, so if I told you my number it would not help you skip this dungeon. Besides, even though you are technically done with this place after having retrieved that number there is a new Guardian Force you can obtain, so it is definitely in your best interests to pursue this dungeon through until completion.

Wandering through the hallways of the Tomb of the Unknown King
Meeting Sacred in the Tomb of the Unknown King

Turn to your immediate right and then proceed forward a few screens until you are forced to turn left. After that take a right at every available opportunity until you reach the room pictured (it’s the east room on the map). Talk to the mysterious statue to initiate a fight - a really easy fight. Then proceed out of this room and take every available right again. You’re aiming for the north room.

Keep in mind that you can always press Select to see the map of the Tomb of the Unknown King. The problem is that there is no “You Are Here” icon so you will have to track your whereabouts manually.

Opening the floodgates of the Tomb of the Unknown King
Tomb of the Unknown King

Undo the chain holding back the water when you reach it. Exit and turn right at every available opportunity again (heading towards the west room). Trigger the mechanism to the left of the doorway that you enter. Exit the room and take every right one more time to exit the dungeon. Save your game and then head back in and go straight for the middle of the dungeon.

Boss Battle: Sacred and Minotaur

Level: 1 - 75 (Sacred)
HP: 578 - 27,218 (Sacred)

Level: 1 - 75 (Minotaur)
HP: 855 - 36,375 (Minotaur)

Approaching Sacred and Minotaur
Boss battle against Sacred and Minotaur

These guys are not all that tough, but if you’d like to make it really easy, use Float on all of your characters to negate most of Sacred and Minotaur’s hardest hitting moves. They automatically heal themselves every few seconds. If this is causing you trouble just cast Shell on them to dampen magic (including your own).

Additionally, you can cast Float on both Sacred and Minotaur to prevent them from casting any healing spells. Standard attacks become the bread and butter for this battle. Sacred is the weaker of the two brothers and goes down without much effort.

Exit the tomb, but before making your way back to Deling City you should take your newly acquired Sacred Card over to Dollet to lose to the Queen of Cards. Make sure you save before you challenge the Queen of Cards to a game and make sure that when you lose the new card to her that she goes back to Balamb.

Time to make your way back to Deling City.