Deling City: The Assassination (Disc 1)

Before you begin with rest of the story, it is worth considering completing the following side quest…

Lionheart (Optional)

At this point in the game it is possible to get Squall’s most powerful weapon, Lionheart. In order to upgrade his weapon to Lionheart you will need the following items:

- [Adamantine] x1 – You can Card Mod the Minotaur Card into 10 Adamantine. Do not worry about modifying high-level cards as you can always get them back later as long as you complete the CC-Group side quest later on in the game. More information about this side quest is available in the CC-Group section.

- [Dragon Fang] x4 – These items can be stolen from or won by defeating Grendels. Grendels can be found in the forest near Galbadia Garden that is called Yaulny Canyon when you pull up the menu. This is where the second cut scene with Laguna happens (click here to see which point in the game this is). Grendels can be encountered 100% of the time in this area by hugging the canyon wall while in the forest.

- Pulse Ammo x12 – The only way to get Pulse Ammo is to refine it from Energy Crystals. Unfortunately the only way to get Energy Crystals this early in the game is quite painful; it involves refining Energy Crystals from 10x Elnoyle Cards and this means you will need to win at least 20 of them. The easiest way to win a bunch of Elnoyle Cards is to head down to the Cafeteria in Balamb Garden and play the Trepe Groupie #1 (The guy in the back) whom you won the Quistis Card from. This player has a 25% chance of using an Elnoyle Card with every match.

Make your way back to Deling City and back to the Caraway Mansion. Make sure that you do not mess up when you are entering the Student ID number – the sequence starts by having you enter the last digit, then the second digit (10) and then the first digit (100). This system is absolutely as counter-intuitive as it could possibly be. Anyways, a long talk sequence is about to follow so enjoy that. Follow General Caraway around wherever he goes. Head back to General Caraway’s Mansion when you are ready (which should be now as there’s not much else to do).

Caraway Mansion in Deling City
The upper floors of the Presidents Residence in Deling City
The clock tower of Deling City

Enjoy the story, there’s a lot of it coming!

Deling City - President Residence

When you get control of Rinoa and before you begin your ascent up the stack of boxes there is a sewer off to the right of the screen. Climb down it and grab the issue of [Weapons Monthly, May Issue] at the bottom as shown in the images below.

Rinoa entering the sewer outside the Presidential Residence
Picking up the Weapons Monthly, May Issue in the sewers of Deling City

Afterwards, have Rinoa climb the boxes, then scale the building until you wind up on the inside.

Climbing the crates outside the Presidential Residence
The Presidents Residence

Edea in the Presidential Palace in Deling City
The Cinematic in Deling City

Eventually you will regain control of Quistis; if you find yourself stuck in General Caraways house just examine the wine glass on the wall to the left and then take a look at the statue at the back wall. Quistis will put the glass in the hand of the statue to reveal a hidden passage.

Edea leaving the Presidential Palace
Quistis and Zell escaping the Caraways Mansion
Climbing the stairs to the top of the tower in Deling City

Make sure you equip the team with a few good GFs before heading down the ladder.

Deling City - The Sewer

Start by hopping onto the water wheel to make it to the next level and open the door north of where the team lands. Along the next pathway the ceremony will start and you will be back in control of Squall and Irvine.

Inside the sewers of Deling City

When you reach the boxes Rinoa used to climb to the upper level make sure you went down and grabbed the [Weapons Monthly, May Issue] when you came by with Rinoa – otherwise do it now with Squall and Irvine. Save at the save point and make sure that you equip both Squall and Irvine with GFs for the next battle.

Squall walking towards the Presidents Residence
Squall and Irvine climbing up to the Presidential Palace

Boss Battle: Iguion

Level: 1 - 19
HP: 127 - 1,747

Squall and Irvine battling two Iquions
Acquiring Carbuncle, the Guardian Force, from Iguion

Draw the new Guardian Force Carbuncle from one of them before you kill them!

These two lizard bosses are particularly weak, but it may have been done this way in case you had forgotten to equip your GFs, which you haven’t if you have been following this guide. The Iguions have very low hit points and standard attacks will bring them down with ease. If you find that you are having trouble dealing with their variously inflicted status effects they both have Esuna as a spell that you can both Draw and cast on yourself to fix any ailments.

Their attacks are pretty standard. The only surprise they have is an attack called Resonance that deals 200 to 300 damage to each party member. Just make sure to keep both Squall and Irvine’s health at an appropriate level to deal with these attacks and you are good to go.

Go back to the hallway leading outside once the battle is over and examine the panel on the floor. Examine the rifle on the ground and prepare for some more talk time.

Squall, Irvine and Rinoa preparing for the assasination

Proceed forward once you are back in control of Quistis’ team. Along the west wall is a gate you can open.

The Sewers of Deling City

Proceed through it, knock the ladder over and then cross the sewer to the other side. Grab the Esuna draw point and then go back around across the ladder again.

Open the doorway at the top-left side of the screen and proceed down the hall. Open the gate on the right side and proceed into the next hallway.

The Sewers of Deling City

You should see a draw point on the other side of the hall. Continue to the right and then south at the next screen. There’s a Bio here you can draw, even though you can’t see it.

The Sweres of Deling City

Backtrack and take the long way around (by going up the water wheels) to the door on the right side and head south again.

Continue to head south past all the screens you should recognize until you are forced to turn right. Hit the ladder as you pass it (don’t cross it though) and then open the gate right beside it.

Climb the water wheel in the next room and proceed north until you reach the Save Point.

The Save Point in the Sewers below Deling City

Save your game and then climb the ladder. The team will get off at the half way-point up the ladder, but you need to hop back on and continue climbing. Stare out the window to watch the cinematic and then pull the switch.

When given the opportunity, equip your team (Squall, Rinoa and Irvine) with enough Guardian Forces to fight a boss.

Preparing the assasination attempt against Edea
Edea entering the tower in Deling City
Squall and Irvine preparing to shoot

Edea stopping the bullet
Squall driving the car to initiate battle against Edea
Approaching Edea in Deling City

Boss Battle: Seifer

Level: 1 - 19
HP: 176 - 1,076

Squall battling against Seifer in Deling City

Only Squall is involved in the fight with Seifer but he is still pretty easy. Use Carbuncle if you decided to equip Squall with it and this will cause all of Seifer’s magic attacks (he uses Fira all the time) to be reflected back at him. This battle is very easy, either way. No surprises.

Boss Battle: Edea

Level: 1 - 20
HP: 1,300 - 7,000

Squall battling against Edea on the float in Deling City

You will begin this battle with only Squall fighting but Rinoa and Irvine will join you shortly after. Again, Carbuncle works fantastic for this battle. Edea’s attacks are primarily magic, so cast Carbuncle and each team member will have a reflect shield cast on them. Edea will not hurt herself by casting spells on you, but will instead waste turns dispelling the Reflect magic. Side note: You can’t really lose this battle. You lose the AP though if you do not defeat her.

Squall during the final cinematic of disc 1
Edea using her Limit Break to end the battle against Squall
Edea during the final cinematic

Squall getting hit by Edea’s Limit Break
Rinoa reaching out to Squall during the final cinematic of Disc 1
Squall’s Eyes

Time to move on to Disc 2…